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Basic Children's Furniture You Must Obtain For Your Child's Bedroom

Choosing the right children's furniture can make your child's bedroom a lot more functional. Of course, the furniture you choose is subject to your child's age and the amount of space you have available. To help you select the right furniture for your child's bedroom, we have created a comprehensive overview with the basic furniture pieces that can make a bedroom more functional and comfortable.

What Is The Essential Furniture For The Nursery?

The first piece of furniture you will choose for the nursery is always a good cot, but what are the remaining pieces of furniture you should include in your child's nursery. In addition to the cot and the matching mattress, here are some of the additional furniture pieces you will need.

Changing table - Some parents prefer this piece of furniture in the bathroom, but soon find that the changing table is much more effective in the nursery. After all, you will be changing diapers all the time, not just after bath time.

Baby rug - A lovely rug can become the centrepiece of a lovely nursery. Also, once your child becomes a toddler, it can become a lovely play area for your little one. Therefore, make sure you choose a rug that is soft and comfortable, as it will be a designated play area later on.

Chest of drawers - You will need a place to store your baby's diapers. You will also need a spot for all those baby clothes and a convenient chest of drawers is perfect for that. To ensure you have enough room, you will want a chest of drawers with at least six drawers.

What Is Essential Bedroom Furniture For A Child Between The Age Of Three And Seven?

Once your child reaches the age of three, there are some changes to be made to your child's bedroom layout. Here are some of the essentials you will need to change or add to your child's sleeping environment.

Toddler bed - Once your child is big enough, it is time to teach them how to sleep in a bed. A toddler bed is the ideal way to do that. You can find basic toddler beds, but also extendable options that can grow with your child.

Wardrobe - Children grow fast, especially once they reach three. Your child will grow out of clothing quickly, which means you will store clothing or simply give it away quite quickly. Therefore, there is no need to add a big wardrobe to your child's bedroom. A standing wardrobe with some drawers on the side will do the trick.

Boxed storage - As soon as your child is three years old, (s)he will start to do more things on his or her own, this may include taking out toys and putting them away. As such, you should choose a storage unit that is easily accessible for your little one. Ideally, you want a modular storage unit with individual storage boxes, these can be used for your child's toys and other small things.

Which Essential Bedroom Furniture Should I Obtain For A Child Between Eight And Twelve?

The bedroom furniture you require for a child between eight and twelve is quite similar to that of a toddler. Of course, the size of the furniture will be different. Instead of a toddler bed, you will need a regular child's bed.

Of course, there are some additional furniture pieces you will have to add to your child's bedroom. One of these additional pieces is a desk, as your child will need an area to do homework, arts and crafts, or other activities that help them develop further.

Once your child is getting a little older, you also want to increase the size of their wardrobe and additional storage solutions. You could still choose the modular storage solutions containing boxes, but an additional chest of drawers for smaller items such as socks and underwear will prove useful too.

When your child is eight years old, it is also a good idea to give them some input on the type of furniture you obtain. Give them some input in the overall design and colour, this will make their bedroom feel a lot more comfortable.



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