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How Do I Choose The Right Bedding For My Child?

Once your child is old enough for a bed of his/her own, it is time to look at some of the bedding you will use. Bedding selection can be confusing at the best of times, so let us provide you with some expert tips on bedding selection for your child's bedroom.

What Are The Different Bedding Sizes For Toddler And Children's Beds?

There are various types of beds that can be obtained for toddlers and children, so the size of bedding can be different too. Below, we have provided an overview of the most common bedding sizes you may encounter.

Toddler bedding - Toddler bedding is the smallest bedding in this overview. It measures 120 cm x 150 cm and fits most toddler beds perfectly.

Single bedding - The next option up is single bedding, which is also the most popular option for children's bedrooms out there. Single bedding usually measures 138 cm x 200 cm.

Double bedding - If you have purchased a larger double bed for your child, you will need larger bedding. Bedding for a double bed usually measures 200 cm x 200 cm.

King size bedding - Even though it is rare for parents to buy their children a double or a king size bed, it is still a possibility in this overview. If you have purchased a king-sized bed, then you will need bedding of at least 230 cm x 220 cm.

Which Types Of Inserts Are Best For Children's Bedding?

Inserts can be made from a variety of materials, this includes natural materials such as feathers or synthetic fibres.

Natural inserts - When it comes to comfort, natural inserts tend to be the better option. However, there are additional considerations when you choose a natural insert. Since they are usually filled with feathers or down, they can cause an allergic reaction in children who are sensitive to those materials. Natural inserts tend to be the most expensive options as well, as the materials are more difficult to source than synthetic materials.

Synthetic inserts - Synthetic materials are less comfortable than the natural inserts, but they are hypoallergenic. If your child has an allergy to features or down, then a synthetic insert will be the better option. Synthetic inserts tend to be considerably cheaper too, as synthetic fibres are manmade and therefore considerably easier to maintain and more cost-effective.

In addition to being affordable and hypoallergenic, synthetic inserts are also easier to maintain. Synthetic fibres are more resistant to washing, so you will have an easier time keeping this inset clean and pristine.

What Is The Tog Rating On Child's Bedding?

The tog rating actually tells you how much warmth a duvet provides, so it is something to consider when you are looking for bedding for your child. For example, if you purchase bedding that only contains 1 TOG, then you will have the lightest and coolest bedding for your child. If you choose bedding of 15 TOG, then you will a warm and heavier option.

What Bedding Do I Need For A Nursery?

Babies have different bedding needs than older children, this because they are more susceptible to respiratory problems s a result of the wrong bedding. So, what should you obtain for a nursery?

A baby mattress - You will need a good mattress to lay in the baby's cot. Evidently, the mattress should fit the cot properly, so there cannot be any gaps your baby can roll into. To ensure a proper fit, it is often a good idea to buy a cot that already has a mattress in it at the baby store.

Sheets - While you cannot give your baby a duvet or a pillow, you can get some lightweight flat sheets and some fitted sheets. As you may expect, your fitted sheets must fit perfectly, as they should not move as your baby moves around. You can also use a simple flat sheet to cover your little one when temperatures get a little colder.

A baby sleeping bag - If you do not like a flat sheet for your baby's cot, you could consider a baby sleeping bag too. Of course, here you must take the TOG rating into consideration, as you cannot buy one that is too warm or too cold.



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