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Enjoy the ultimate in warmth & comfort with our range of down & feather quilts from Spotlight. Shop for luxurious duck down & goose down quilts at low prices.

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Discover The Luxury Of Feather And Down Quilts At Spotlight

For ultimate restful sleep, invest in a quality feather, down or feather/down blended quilt from Spotlight. Perfect for all seasons and available in single, double, queen and king sizes from brands like Tontine and Ever Rest, you're sure to find the ideal down or feather quilts for your sleeping needs at Spotlight!

You'll love indulging in a feather or down quilt

Feather and down quilts are often seen as the pinnacle of bedding comfort, and for good reason! Quilts filled with feathers or down are known for being extremely soft, warm and light no matter the season. They are also hypoallergenic - as long as you don't have a specific allergy to feathers, these quilts help create an environment inhospitable to allergen-creating dust mites, bacteria and other microbes.

Feather and down quilt FAQ

What is a feather or down quilt?

A feather or down quilt is a bed quilt that has been filled with goose or duck feathers, down or a combination of both. They are known for their lightweight, warmth, and fluffy feel, although they can be expensive and can be tricky to dry after washing.

Can you wash down quilts?

Down and feather quilts can be washed, although you need to be careful how you do it due to the delicate nature of the filling - always check the label on your quilt before washing! A cold and gentle machine wash will work for most feather and down quilts, and you should avoid tumble drying and instead dry your down and feather quilts flat in the shade.

Regularly airing out down and feather quilts can help extend their life between washes.

Are synthetic down quilts a good alternative?

If you prefer to have a quilt without animal products in it but still desire the luxurious feel of feather and down, then look for a down alternative quilt! These quilts will be filled with a microfibre fill that mimics the softness and light feel of feathers and down - plus because it's made from a synthetic material, it's super easy to pop in your washing machine whenever you need.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find the right feather and down quilts at Spotlight

You can discover a range of beautiful down and feather quilts online or in-store at Spotlight. Shop online and you can pay your way before having your order home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best feather or down quilts for your needs.

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