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Create the dreamiest bed with bed cushions & decorative bed pillows for every bed style. Shop coordinating bedroom cushions online at Spotlight.

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Beautiful Bed Cushions To Compliment Your Quilt Cover and Bedroom

Enhance your bedding ensemble and add interest to your bed with stylish bed cushions from Spotlight. You can find a huge range of cushions for your bed to match with your quilt cover and bedroom theme. With bed cushions, you can elevate your styling and bring tactile texture to your space effortlessly. Whether you are going for a themed bedroom or looking for simple cushions to add depth, look no further than Spotlight. Make your space cosy and bright with stylish cushions to suit any theme. You can also style cushions on your daybed, bedroom armchair or window nook, the styling options are endless!

Discover the Variety of Bed Cushions

Add flair to your bed with a cushion from the range. Featuring a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, you'll be sure to find the right one. Our range includes:

  • Long cushions
  • Neck roll cushion
  • Printed cushions
  • Textured cushions
  • Ruffle cushions
  • Plain cushions
  • Linen look cushions
  • Kids cushions

Bed Cushions FAQs

How to choose cushions to match your bed?

If you're starting from scratch, you can introduce any colour scheme into your cushions. However, if you're working with an established decor, you'll want to ensure any additions contribute to the cohesion of the room. If your quilt cover is plain, choose printed or textured cushions to add depth. Whereas patterned quilt covers can be styled with coordinating cushions or plain cushions depending on your preferences.

How to arrange cushions on your bed?

There's really no right or wrong way to arrange your bedroom cushions but you might like to bear some tips in mind as a starting point:

  • Size of your bed: A queen or king size bed can accommodate 4 to 6 cushions whereas a single bed is best suited for 2 to 3 decorative cushions.
  • Arrange bigger cushions behind then a smaller focal point cushion at the front.
  • Place pillows against the headboard or bed frame, then position cushions in front.

Where to store bed cushions?

It's lovely to have cushions and pillows exquisitely arranged on your bed, but where do you put them when you get into the bed to sleep? Often, there's no room for you and all those cushions! We suggest you make some space in your closet so the cushions can be tucked away neatly at bedtime, or you could place them in a trunk, chest or bench at the foot of the bed. Some bedrooms have window seats, which are also good places to stow cushions and pillows, or you can pile them on a chair in the bedroom that you may otherwise use as a reading nook. If all else fails, some stylish storage bins or storage boxes could also do the trick.

Find The Right Bed Cushions At Spotlight

Ready to purchase? Browse our products online or, alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different bed cushions available. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to answer your questions. Along with decorative cushions, our vast selection of bedding and bed linen covers all your bedroom needs. Browse stunning quilt covers, comforter sets and coverlets to create a bed you're proud of. You can also style your bed with modern pillows, European pillows and European pillowcases and enjoy a luxurious look. Don't forget about adding lovely rugs, wall art and more decorative pieces to your bedroom set-up. For more ideas and inspiration for your bedroom, head to the Ideas blog and discover great articles including The Best Bedding For Your Style Of Sleeping and Simple Guest Bedroom Ideas For Your Spare Room. Spotlight is your destination for everything you need to Create, Celebrate and Decorate everyday, don't forget to join the VIP club for exclusive specials, visit a store near you or shop online.



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