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Can I purchase hampers at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Hampers are ideal for use in bathrooms and shower rooms, to hold dirty laundry, towels and anything else you do not want to have lying about on the bathroom floor.

What is the difference between a basket and a hamper?

While there is no hard-and-fast definition of these two often-interchangeable words, generally, a laundry basket is low and wide and has an open top. Laundry hampers, by contrast, are typically tall and narrow, may have a lid, and can be divided into sections for sorting. The right choice depends on your needs and preferences.

Here are a few things to consider:

Size and shape: This largely depends on where you'll be using the basket. A tall, thin hamper is a good choice for a dorm room or tiny apartment. A wide, low basket fits nicely in the average-or-larger sized bedroom closet. A cute, round basket is nice in the baby's nursery, while a multi-sectioned, large, rolling laundry hamper will make life easier if you have a large family or a designated laundry room.

Material: Inexpensive, basic laundry baskets and hampers are typically heavy-duty plastic. Folding or rolling units are often cloth on a metal frame. Woven baskets are the most attractive choice. Ideally, a woven laundry hamper will have a liner or a fabric insert to stop the wicker damaging delicate items like lace edges or knitwear. None of these materials are necessarily better than the rest: It simply depends on what you are looking for.

Portability: If you have to transport your laundry to a laundromat or a washing machine in a distant part of the house, you might want to consider a folding hamper, a laundry sorter on wheels, or a hamper with a removable laundry bag.

Ventilation: If you fill your basket with damp items such as towels, this can cause a build-up of mildew if there is not enough ventilation. Even just filling the basket with gym clothes can cause bad odours, so you should choose a basket that has plenty of ventilation, so clothes and towels can breathe.

Aesthetics: Whether your laundry hamper is located by your washing machine, in your bedroom or in your bathroom, it will be visible to you, your housemates and your guests. Many laundry baskets are not aesthetically pleasing and can ruin the decor of the room. Look for a laundry basket that keeps your clothing stored nicely, while adding a finishing touch to the room.

Does Spotlight sell laundry baskets as well?

Yes, as well as these laundry hampers, you will also find laundry baskets and laundry bags here at Spotlight, as well as all other laundry essentials, so why not take a look at the whole range of laundry items available at Spotlight today?



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