Toothbrush Holders

Keep wash basins tidy & hygienic by providing a holder for your toothbrushes. Explore the toothbrush holders from Spotlight online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase toothbrush holders at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Choose from stone, acrylic, bamboo and many other materials to complement your decor from our various collections of bathroom accessories at Spotlight. Check out the other matching bathroom accessories ranging from shower curtains to toilet brush holders too, for a coordinated look to your bathroom, shower room or cloakroom.

Why use a toothbrush holder?

Putting your toothbrush upright in a toothbrush holder is far more hygienic than leaving it lying on the edge of the washbasin. Here are some more tips to keep your toothbrush free of germs:

  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water every time you use it.
  • Let your toothbrush dry thoroughly between brushings. Don't use toothbrush covers, which can create a moist enclosed breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Don't ever use anyone else's toothbrush, or let someone use yours.
  • Keep toothbrushes separate. If toothbrushes touch they can swap germs.
  • Place your toothbrush holder as far away from the WC as possible if your washbasin is near your WC, and always make sure you shut the lid before flushing to avoid bacteria spreading through the bathroom.
  • Replace your toothbrush (or the toothbrush head, in the case of electric toothbrushes) every 3 to 4 months or earlier if it becomes stained or frayed.

Cleaning your toothbrush holder

Because toothbrushes usually still have some water on them when they are placed back in the holder after brushing, water can collect in the bottom of the toothbrush holder, and this can also harbour bacteria. To make sure the inside of your toothbrush holder is clean and hygienic, make sure it is cleaned weekly or every time you clean your washbasin. Simply put a little detergent and hot water in your toothbrush holder and shake it around before rinsing with very hot water. If it needs more thorough cleaning, remove the top if possible or clean with a thin brush through the holes if your toothbrush holder is a complete unit.

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom accessories too?

Yes, as well as toothbrush holders, you can find a wide range of other bathroom accessories here. These include toilet brush holders, toilet roll holders, tumblers, soap dishes, soap dispensers and other items such as mirrors, storage and shower curtains. Mix and match as required or check out our bathroom collections to find matching sets of bathroom accessories for a coordinated look.



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