Nylon Knitting Ribbons

Nylon knitting ribbon can be used for different crafts, such as knitting, crochet, weaving, braiding & macrame. Shop at Spotlight online or in-store.

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Learn More About Nylon Knitting Ribbons and How to Use Them for Your Crafting Projects!

When you just picked up a new hobby or craft, it is not uncommon to come across crafting supplies you have never heard of before. One of the crafting supplies that many customers want to learn more about is the nylon knitting ribbon, which we will explain in more detail today.

What Are Nylon Knitting Ribbons?

Nylon knitting ribbons are crafting ribbons made from a nylon material. The ribbons are often used in various crafts - this includes knitting, crochet, weaving, braiding, and macramé -. Therefore, customers who do a variety of crafts may encounter and need the nylon knitting ribbons.

What Can I Make with Nylon Knitting Ribbons?

There are loads of applications for nylon knitting ribbons, but most crafters will not obtain the nylon knitting ribbon until they need it for a crafting project. Nevertheless, there are loads of things you could be making with nylon knitting ribbons, so every hobby crafter should have this craft supply in their collection.

One of the things you could make with nylon knitting ribbons is a scrubby - this could be done with a double crochet technique. Of course, there are many other applications for nylon knitting ribbons, since they are often used for detailing on crochet and knitting projects.

What Nylon Knitting Ribbons Can I Purchase at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers nylon knitting ribbons for all your crafting needs. Of course, in true Spotlight style, we only provide the best quality for the sharpest price!

One of the nylon knitting ribbons available at Spotlight is the Uni-Trim Nylon Knitting Ribbon. The Uni-Trim Nylon Knitting Ribbon is used to create trims for knitting and crochet projects, but it can be used for other detailing too. The Uni-Trim Nylon Knitting Ribbon is also available in different colours - this includes white, green, red, and blue.

What Other Essential Knitting Supplies Do I Need?

Hobby crafters who are just starting out with knitting will need some essentials before they get started. Below, we have provided you with a brief overview of the essentials you will need for your knitting project.

Knitting Needles
Knitting is not possible without a good pair of knitting needles. Even though most crafters already own these, if you still need some knitting needles to get you started, you can certainly obtain them from Spotlight.

Before you choose a pair of knitting needles from our range, you must know that there are different size knitting needles. If you have acquired a knitting pattern for your project, be sure to check which knitting needle size the pattern recommends. If you don't have a pattern and simply want to practice, average-size knitting needles will do the trick.


Naturally, you will need some yarn for your project too. If you are just starting out, we do not recommend going for the most expensive yarn immediately. Instead, go for a ball of yarn from the cheaper range - this gives you something to practice with and ensures you won't get too frustrated when you drop a stitch.


Scissors are a common household item nowadays, but if you do not have any in the house, you will certainly need a pair for your project. A basic pair of scissors will do, even though there are special types of scissors available for your craft projects.

Crochet Hooks

Why do I need crochet hooks if I'm going to be knitting? Well, the crochet hooks can be used for a variety of patterns. They also prove useful if you drop a stitch somewhere, which is likely to happen for beginners. So, to round your essentials off, be sure you grab a pair of crochet hooks from Spotlight too.



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