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Shop embroidery kits at Spotlight and enjoy hours of fun. Explore and discover your next needlework project with stitching kits from Spotlight.

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Immerse Yourself With An Embroidery Kit From Spotlight

If you'd like to begin a hobby that is immersive, relaxing and ends with a beautiful piece you can display, then try any of the hand embroidery kits from Spotlight! Our embroidery sets give you the ability to craft a range of stunning embroidered images, and it's the perfect hobby for when you have some downtime and just want to relax.

Check out trusted brands like Dimensions, Make It and Beutron for embroidery sets you can trust from the collection at Spotlight!

What comes in an embroidery kit

Most of our embroidery kits will come with everything you need to complete the kit, including:

  • Printed embroidery fabric: This canvas fabric will have the design you are embroidering pre-printed on it for you to use as a guide.
  • Embroidery hoop: You can choose from metal, plastic and wooden embroidery hoops to suit your preferences.
  • Embroidery needle: These needles are thick and strong with a sharp point, which is needed to safely punch through the embroidery canvas fabric. Embroidery needles come in a range of different sizes.
  • Embroidery thread: Smooth, shiny and colourful, our embroidery threads come in a gorgeous range of colours.
  • Instructions: Follow our instructions to make the image on the embroidery kit. These instructions will go through all the techniques you will be using, as well as steps to follow to create the whole image.

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Embroidery Kits FAQs

What is an embroidery kit?

An embroidery kit is a craft pack that includes everything you need to create a pre-determined embroidered image, including fabric, a hoop, a needle, threads and instructions.

How to use an embroidery kit

Make sure your kit has come with everything you need before you start. Follow the instructions, prepare the canvas and hoop, and sit somewhere you can embroider comfortably. Once you have finished your embroidery kit, you can display the piece on a wall as long as it isn't in direct sunlight.

Are embroidery sets suitable for beginners?

Hand embroidery kits are perfect for beginner embroiderers, as they come with everything they need to begin in one pack and also include step-by-step instructions. Many kits will teach beginner embroiderers some basic techniques to create visual interest in the fabric, which they can then hone when creating an embroidered piece on their own.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other needle art supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Cross stitch kits: These helpful kits come with everything you need to create a cross-stitched work of art, and are great for beginners to try.
  • Needlework threads: These beautiful threads can be used for all kinds of embroidery and come in a fantastic range of shiny colours.
  • Embroidery hoops: Our range of embroidery hoops will keep your canvas stiff and in place as you work.

Make sure to check out our range of craft projects for free embroidery crafts to try, like these Speedball, Unicorn and mini projects.

Find the right embroidery kits at Spotlight

Spotlight is the best place to find embroidery kits in Australia! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your embroidery set straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best hand embroidery kits for your needs.

For more information on this craft, read through our guide on needle felting and embroidery. And make sure to browse our amazing Create blog for more crafty ideas and inspiration!



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