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What Are The Different Types Of Die Cutting Machines?

Die cutting machines come in all shapes and sizes. This is no surprise, because die cutting has applications in a countless number of papercrafts, ranging from scrapbooking to cardmaking. But what are the different types of die cutting machines and their benefits?

What Is A Rotary Die Cutter Used For?

The rotary die cutter can be compared to a rotary fabric cutter, as it provides a similar function. With a rotary die cutter, you can cut multiple layers at the same time. In other words, the rotary die cutter is brilliant for anyone who needs to cut several shapes at once and often in large quantities.

Rotary die cutters are just as precise as some of the other types in this overview. They also are relatively fast to work with, although beginners might take a little longer to master the rotary die cutter.

What Is A Steel Rule Die Cutter?

The steel rule die cutter is known under a variety of different names, including the flat bed die cutter. Crafters also refer to this process as stamping, which is basically the process of cutting some of the thickest materials.

While steel rule die cutters are brilliant for thicker materials, they are less accurate than some of the other die cutting machines out there. Nevertheless, those working with thicker materials that cannot go into a regular die cutter absolutely need one of these in their hobby room.

When Do You Use A Matched Metal Die Cutter?

When you need to cut unusual shapes with the greatest precision, then you need a matched metal die cutter. The matched metal die cutter is much more forgiving to unusual shapes than any other die cutter, and this has everything to do with the unique design of these machines.

A matched metal die cutter basically contains two dies that match into one another, so they are often referred to as the male and female die. As these dies fit together, they are much more precise than other dies, perfect for those unusual shapes you may need to cut.

Of course, matched metal die cutters still count on some of the basic principles of die cutting, as this machine still uses the flat bed. You can also find this machine in different variations, as you can also use the so-called rotary matched metal die cutter.

The rotary matched metal die cutter provides the same speed and functionality for thicker materials as the standard rotary die cutter. However, the rotary matched metal die cutter is much more precise than the standard model.

When I A Clean Room Die Cutter Used?

Crafters usually will not come across clean room die cutters, as they are designed with a purpose in mind that lies beyond the crafting realm. Nevertheless, it is important to be familiar with this type of die cutter nonetheless.

Clean room die cutters are designed to cut materials in a bacteria-free environment. So, they are often used for medical supplies and other delicate items. Of course, these machines are also used in sterile environments, which are controlled religiously to avoid contamination and other problems.

What Die Cutting Machine Is Right For?

That depends on two things, your budget and the amount of precision you require. If you need lots of precision, you could consider the matched metal die cutter. If you cut thicker materials that require precision, then the rotary matched metal die cutter might be best. Still, if you are looking for something affordable for thinner materials such as paper and cardboard, then one of the less precise cutters will do a brilliant job too.



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