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Choose The Perfect Scrapbook At Spotlight

Looking to start a new scrapbook? Choose one from the fantastic range of scrapbook albums at Spotlight and enjoy recording and displaying your memories in a beautiful and exciting way.

At Spotlight, you can find a wide range of scrapbooks to fill and decorate, as well as accessories like plastic pockets, photo corners and loose paper refills. From leading craft brands like Francheville and Kaisercraft, our quality scrapbooks are perfect for artists of all levels of experience!

What should you put in a scrapbook?

You can use a scrapbook to commemorate all sorts of events and occasions, including:

  • Holidays: A travel scrapbook is a super fun way to remember your trips! Add plane, boat and transport tickets, postcards, scenic photos and even small shells and flowers.
  • Final school years: Commemorate your last year at school in style. Add class photos, signatures from your classmates, pieces of your favourite assignments, school badges and even a strip of your uniform, once you're finished wearing it of course!
  • Anniversaries: Celebrating an important milestone? Create a scrapbook journal to help celebrate the day! Photos, cards, accessories, ribbons and any other small memorabilia are all perfect things to insert.
  • Baby milestones: A baby scrapbook album is a gorgeous way to help you remember how small your child was… and remind them when they're older! Photos, hospital tags, locks of hair and even small baby socks are all great additions to a baby scrapbook album.

Scrapbook FAQs

What is a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is similar to a photo album, in that it is a bound cardstock book filled with images and photographs - but you can also add heaps of artistic and crafty decorations to make it stand out. Scrapbooks often feature not only photos but physical mementos of events and places, plus craft embellishments like frames, trims, ribbons, jewels and stickers.

How to scrapbook

When starting a scrapbook, plan how you will fill each page before you start. Each page should have an image (either a photo or something like a postcard), some text describing the day/event and then some embellishments. Don't cram your pages full of decorations, and make sure you are sticking everything down with the right glues or tapes!

How to design a scrapbook page layout

Begin designing your page by deciding where the largest element will go first! This is usually an image - place it slightly off-centre so you have plenty of room to add other crafts on the page. Then designate a space for any text you need to add. Make sure to leave space around larger elements to add trims and borders. Finish by filling any large gaps with smaller craft embellishments.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of papercraft supplies at Spotlight, like:

  • Poster paper and board: These are ideal for school and office poster projects, and come in a great range of colours to suit your needs,
  • Origami paper: Create intricate 3D origami figures with our specialised paper sheets.
  • Paper pads: You can find great value packs of beautifully patterned paper here! We have square and rectangular pads to choose from.

You can find more kinds of paper in our paper and cardboard collection online.

Find the right scrapbooks at Spotlight

Ready to start scrapbooking? Shop for scrapbook journals online, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect scrapbook album for your next project.

If you're interested in making a travel scrapbook, check out our blog on how to make a holiday scrapbook and our buying guide on scrapbooking supplies. You should also browse through our huge collection of free papercraft and scrapbooking projects!



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