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Create wall art or get inspired for your next homemade gift with Spotlight's wooden letters & numbers. Discover our arts & crafts online or in-store.

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Can I buy Letters and Numbers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Create beautiful wall art, interesting sayings and romantic symbols, with the range of words, letters and numbers available here at Spotlight. Whether you are looking to decorate your wedding or engagement party, personalise your nursery decor, or to create unique monogrammed functional home items, then you are sure to find the words, letters, numbers and symbols that you are looking for in this fabulous selection. With such a wide choice available, plus bargains galore across the entire range, shop letters and numbers at Spotlight today.

How do I purchase these letters and numbers from Spotlight?

To buy one of these fabulous letters or numbers from Spotlight, shop online and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and we will deliver right to your door. You can also shop the range in one of our nationwide stores. We have a wide selection of arts and craft supplies available in store, and one of our team will be more than happy to help you in any way that they can.

What could I use these letters and numbers for?

Whilst these letters and numbers are traditionally decorative, and a great way to add some cute personalisation to your home decor, there are plenty of ways that they can be functional as well as fabulous. Letters could make great bookends, choose a special message to read down your bookshelves, or perhaps yours and your partner's initials. Simply paint and decorate in your chosen style and add some weight for unique bookends that will keep everything super tidy.

You could also cover a monogrammed letter in one of our cork sheets to keep all your important papers safe and tidy. Check out our fabulous scrabble tiles for a super cute effect that would be ideal for a bookshelf or just to decorate your walls, or perhaps send a loving message with so many adorable words to choose from. Whether you are looking for large singular letters or words such as family, create or believe, you are sure to find the cardboard letters and numbers for you amongst this awesome collection.

Do you have any tips for decorating these letters and numbers?

Brighten up empty space in your home with this fabulous selection of letters and numbers. You can decorate them however you like really, the only limit is your imagination! We recommend using acrylics or poster paint for painting these cardboard letters and numbers for the most effective coverage, and two coats would be preferred. It is important to ensure that your paint has dried fully before you begin decorating. Cut small squares out of magazines and newspapers and create a mosaic effect, decoupage with your favourite photographs and images, or paint with a colour that will compliment your home decor.

Cover in PVA glue and add so much glitter for a truly sparkly effect or just cover the bottom of the letter or word with glitter for a cool tie-dye effect. If you are making a word with individual letters, you could also just add glitter or sparkle to one letter to make it really stand out and to provide a fun focal piece. Alternatively, use metallic paint for a cool chrome effect that will look ultra-modern and super cool in any fashionista's home. Finish off with a sealant or varnish to keep your letters and numbers in tip-top condition for longer.



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