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The range of dowel rods & sticks at Spotlight are a versatile crafting essential. Shop dowel rods in a range of lengths and thicknesses online.

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Craft With Wooden Dowels And Sticks From Spotlight

You should always have a pack of wooden dowel sticks in your craft supply pack! These handy craft supplies can be used in so many interesting ways, and are great fun to colour and decorate as well.

At Spotlight we've got a great range of wooden dowels and craft sticks for you to choose from, with a range of thicknesses available and useful multi-packs if you need a lot of sticks for your project. Our sticks come from reputable craft brands like Eco Balsa and Arbee, so you know your craft dowels and craft sticks will get the job done.

What kind of wood are our dowel rods and sticks made of?

Dowel rods and sticks can be made from any type of wood, with denser woods preferable for heavier projects. Balsa wood is a popular choice due to its lightweight and good strength. You can also find dowel rods made from metal and plastic.

Dowels and sticks FAQs

What is a dowel?

Thin, cylindrical and sturdy, dowels are used for reinforcement in crafted structures. They are usually made from wood, but can also be made from plastic or metal to suit the structure they are in.

What is dowel used for?

Dowel rods and sticks are used as structural reinforcement in things like furniture, shelves, toy wheels (as the axle) and even as support in tiered cakes.

How to cut a dowel

Very small dowels can be cut cleanly with a sharp knife, but larger dowels should be secured in place and cut with a saw for a straight, clean cut. You can use a drill to make a hole in a wooden block that can be used to hold your dowel, or just use a sturdy clamp.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can enjoy many other types of wooden craft products at Spotlight, including:

  • Balsa wood: Light and strong, much of our balsa wood comes from the quality Eco Balsa
  • Letters and numbers: Create adorable displays and wall art using our wooden letters and numbers.
  • Wooden shapes: Our huge range of wooden shapes is sure to have something for your next project, Each shape is perfect for decorating, colouring and painting!

Check out our range of art and craft supplies for more amazing products such as our papier mache range and other craft basics.

Find the right dowels and sticks at Spotlight

Once you've chosen your craft dowels and sticks, pay your way online and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best craft sticks and wooden dowel rods for your needs.

Make sure to browse our range of free timber projects for heaps of great ways to use your new dowel rods and craft sticks. And for more information on all the craft products you can find at Spotlight, read through our buying guides on paints and mediums, scissors and cutting tools and kids' craft.



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