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Shop EVA foam for cosplay and make your structural ideas come to life. This material is lightweight and easy to carve, shop EVA foam at Spotlight.

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Cut, Mould And Decorate EVA Foam From Spotlight!

You can create amazing structures and accessories using the range of EVA foam sheets from Spotlight! EVA foam is a soft, dense and durable material that can be moulded and shaped with the application of heat, usually through a heat gun.

Our EVA foam comes from reputable brands designed specially for cosplay, such as Yaya Han!

What is EVA foam used for?

EVA foam has a variety of uses, including:

  • Cosplay: Because it can be shaped with heat, EVA foam is often used to make realistic-looking armour and metal accessories for cosplay. Helmets, gauntlets, chest plates, crowns and necklaces are all often made with EVA foam and then painted and sanded to suit the costume.
  • Exercise mats: Their soft but dense feel makes EVA foam mats a great choice for exercising on. Single mats are great for yoga while whole floors can be covered in interlocking EVA mats if you need a layer of mat for exercise gyms and studios.
  • Footwear: Shows like things and foam sandals are sometimes made from EVA foam, and it can be used as a shock-absorbing layer in sports runners as well.
  • Kickboards: The boards many of us learn to swim with are made from layers of EVA foam!

EVA foam FAQs

What is EVA foam?

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a rubber-like material known for its softness and flexibility. It is durable in low temperatures and can be moulded in high temperatures, which also makes it waterproof. It is resistant to UV rays.

How to paint EVA foam

First, make sure to seal your EVA foam cosplay piece with a flexible sealer, which will prevent the paint from soaking into the foam. Then use acrylic paint to colour your foam! You can do this using a paintbrush or a spray can - opt for the spray if you don't want your brushstrokes to be visible.

How to cut EVA foam

If your EVA foam is quite thin (2mm or less) you can use a rotary cutter to slice it where needed. Thicker EVA foam sheets should always be cut using a sharp box knife. Always cut on a clean cutting mat or board, and make sure to trace your shapes into the foam before you cut - never but by eye if you can help it!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other kinds of craft foam at Spotlight, which include:

  • Foam balls: Perfectly spherical and available in many different sizes, our foam balls are great to have on hand for any kids' craft project.
  • Foam sheets: Our foam sheets are easy to cut and colour, and come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your project.
  • Foam shapes: Need a more unique foam shape? You can find foam hoops, cones, cubes, eggs and even heads in this category!

Browse our full range of basic craft supplies for other fantastic craft supplies you can use as the base of your next project.

Find the right EVA foam at Spotlight

If you've decided on what EVA foam you'll choose, shop online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your EVA foam sheets straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to get your EVA foam sheets in person.

If it's your first time using EVA foam for cosplay, try making this easy foam helmet project! And for more information on our range of craft and costume-making supplies, read our buying guides on beads and jewellery making, dressmaking fabrics and dressmaking tools.



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