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Make clay sculptures, decorative items, or jewellery with quality air-dry clays at Spotlight. Shop great value air-dry clay perfect for school and home use.

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Get Sculpting Using Air Dry Clay From Spotlight

You can create beautiful sculptures, figures and baubles without the need for an oven using any of the air dry clays from Spotlight! Our range includes popular brands like Playdoh and Crayola air dry clay, in a range of vibrant colours that ensure you can make sculptures in whatever hue you like.

Many air dry clay kits come with helpful clay sculpting tools, which makes them great gifts for beginner sculptors! Things to make with air dry clay include trays for your keys and baubles, jewellery, small figurines and other accessories.

Painting air dry clay

You should only paint an air dry clay sculpture that has completely dried. You may like to use some sandpaper to smooth its surface too, although you don't want a completely smooth surface as the paint will have nothing to grip. Use a large brush to apply a thin layer of acrylic paint, and wait for each layer to dry before adding more. You should not wash your air dry clay, so don't use these sculptures for eating or drinking.

Air dry clay FAQs

What is air dry clay?

Air dry clay is a natural clay that dries without the need for an oven or kiln. It can come in a range of colours, but is also receptive to acrylic and tempera paints if you'd like to decorate them further. Air dry clay should not be used to make dinner or drinkware, and is best used for decorative pieces.

How to use air dry clay

Knead the clay to make it plausible before use, and make sure your work surface is clean so no fluff or hairs will get stuck on your air dry clay. Mould the clay initially using your hands, or make use of a non-porous roller to flatten it. Use modelling tools to add finer details, and be sure to wrap it in cling wrap to keep the clay moist if you intend to work on it longer or need to store the excess for later.

How long does air dry clay take to dry?

Most smaller air dry clay sculptures can dry to the touch over 24 hours. Thicker, larger pieces may take up to 72 hours to dry, and even smaller pieces may take this long to dry all the way through. Always let your clay dry for a few days before painting!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a great range of modelling clays and tools for you to choose from in the following categories:

  • Oven dry clay: These clays must be baked in an oven or kiln to harden. Polymer clays can be baked in your home oven, while proper pottery clays must be fired in a kiln.
  • Modelling clay: Our entire range of modelling clay is here, including oven bake clay and air dry clays.
  • Clay modelling: Not only can you find clays here, but the tools you'll use to modify it as well! Cutting and carving tools, moulds, glazes, sandpaper and rollers can all be found in this category.

Check out our full range of art supplies for any other creative materials you might need.

Find the right air dry clay at Spotlight

If you're ready to start sculpting with some of our natural or coloured air dry clay, shop the range online, pay your way and we'll deliver your air dry clay kit straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for air dry clay and other art and craft supplies in person.

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