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What Should I Remember When Painting On Canvas?

Painting on canvas requires skill that artists develop over time. Fortunately, canvas painting has been popular for many years, so artists are more than happy to share their top tips on how to paint on canvas. If you want to find out some of these tips, and implement them in your own artwork, be sure to read on.

What is the best way to set up your canvas for painting?

You do not have to be an artist to be familiar with the various ways to paint. Painting on an easel is probably the best-known traditionally, but you are certainly not obligated to paint in this manner. In fact, some artists prefer painting on smaller canvasses on the table.

Of course, since there are various manners to set up your canvas, you will have to experiment a little with what you prefer. Easels can be an investment, so consider if this manner of painting is most comfortable for you. To determine that, you could take a painting class, which usually has easels available.

Which paintbrushes are most suitable for canvas?

Using the wrong paintbrush on canvas can have dire consequences, because the last thing you want is paintbrush hairs stuck in your paint and on the canvas once your masterpiece has dried.

The range of paintbrushes suitable for canvasses is widespread. For canvas, it is recommended to use acrylic or oil-paint brushes. All these brushes should also have stiff bristles, which tend to be more resilient for canvas as well as acrylic and oil paints.

Is pre-stretched or regular canvas best?

There are certainly benefits to buying pre-stretched canvas. Stretching canvas correctly requires quite a bit of skill, so this is something that is usually done by artists that are more experienced. While you can purchase both at Spotlight, we do recommend the pre-stretched canvas for beginners.

Do I need to prep my canvas?

Most canvasses need to be prepped with a proper primer, this ensures that the paint goes on the canvas a little easier. The primer will also protect the paint over time, which ensures your artwork can stand the test of time a little better.

Please note that not all pre-stretched canvas will require primer. Some manufacturers will add a primer during the manufacturing process, which means you can start painting almost immediately. So, always check your pre-stretched canvas to see if a primer has already been applied.

Does paint colour get affected by the canvas material?

This is a really good question. The answer to this depends on the type of paint you use. Oil paint tends to remain somewhat the same when it is applied to a canvas, so artists do not have to worry too much if they work with this kind of paint. On the other hand, acrylics can change colour somewhat after being applied on canvas, as this kind of paint has the tendency to go just a little darker.

If you prefer to work with acrylics because of its fast-drying time, we urge you to test your colours beforehand. As an artist, we have no doubt that you have a certain picture in mind when you create a painting. Evidently, this does not only relate to the shapes you create, but also the specific colours. For this purpose, some people have a canvas that is only meant to test colours.

Which medium do I use for canvas?

All types of paints are mixed with a suitable medium before they are applied to canvas, this can influence many aspects of the paint itself. With a suitable medium, you can change the texture, colour, and even its overall drying time. So, for those working with oil paints, a medium could actually reduce the drying time of this paint considerably.

Various medium are available for both acrylic and oil paints, and you can find many of the best ones on Spotlight as well. If you still require a medium for your painting, we urge you to check out the mediums category on our website as well. Since we offer affordable options in our catalogue, you can easily test out different ones to see which one fit your style of painting best.



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