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Create stylish handwritten texts with quality calligraphy & lettering sets from Spotlight. Shop calligraphy sets online to make cards, invitations & letters.

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Discover Elegant Calligraphy Pen Sets At Spotlight

No matter if you're a calligraphy expert or a brand-new beginner, a calligraphy set from Spotlight will be sure to delight you! Our calligraphy pen sets and kits come with a range of colours, nib types, inks and pen holders from beloved brands like Speedball and Faber Castell. Check out the range to find the perfect adult or kids calligraphy set for you today!

Enjoy individual calligraphy pens or stunning calligraphy sets

We've got calligraphy pens to suit your needs - whether you need to replace your old favourite or are treating yourself to a brand-new set, there are plenty of them to choose from at Spotlight. Calligraphy pen sets also make great gifts for artists or even scrapbookers who love lettering. Check out our range of inks for some colourful calligraphy too!

Calligraphy pen set FAQs

What is a calligraphy pen?

A calligraphy pen is a thin pen with a special-shaped nib designed for lettering and calligraphy. Traditional calligraphy pens require you to dip the metal nib into ink, but there are modern kinds designed like regular markers that have a constant flow of ink into the nib or versions that have an ink cartridge you have to insert yourself.

How to set up a calligraphy pen

Hold the nib in one hand by its base, not the pointy tines, and in your other hand hold the pen body so the empty end is facing up. Looking into the body you will see a metal cross-like shape - you want to insert the base of the nib on the outside of this cross on the edge of the hollow, not straight down into the middle of it. Push the nib down until it is firmly in place to finish setting up your calligraphy pen.

How to clean a calligraphy pen nib

A simple swish in a cup of tap water when dried ink starts to impact your work will be enough to keep your nib in good condition as you work, but make sure to dip it into the water just past the reservoir, as if water gets into the pen or onto the rest of the nib it can cause rust that is very hard to remove without damaging the pen. Dry your nib with a non-fibrous cloth when done.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a great range of art pens for you to choose from, including:

  • Brush markers: With their soft tips and vibrant colours, brush markers are super fun to use for lettering and many also come with a chisel tip for creating angled lines.
  • Gel pens: These colourful pens are known for their thick, free-flowing ink, and come not only in many amazing colours but have special glitter, neon and pastel versions as well.
  • Fine liners: Create thin, even lines that dry quickly using any of our quality fine liners. They are ideal for lining artwork, as they dry very quickly and won't smudge.

Check out the full range of art supplies for any other markers, paints and pencils you may need!

Find the right calligraphy pen sets at Spotlight

Begin your calligraphy journey with a calligraphy pen set from Spotlight! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your lettering set straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right art and craft supplies for your next project.



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