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Create Beautiful Needle Art With Anette Eriksson Yarn

Want to create beautiful knitted or crochet accessories? Start with a stunning skein of Anette Eriksson yarn! With beautiful colours and effects, these yarn skeins come in a range of quality material blends that ensure you can find the perfect yarn for your next project! You can also find Anette Eriksson patterns to help you create beautiful garments in this range.

What kinds of yarn can you find in the Annette Eriksson range?

The Annette Erikkson yarn range includes skeins made from materials and blends including:

  • Cotton and polyester: Skeins with this blend combine the soft feel of cotton with the durability of polyester to create a versatile material that comes in a stunning range of bright and beautiful colours.
  • Acrylic, wool and polyamide: Yarn made from this trio of materials will have the stretchiness of polyamide (also known as nylon), the durability and bright colour of nylon and the breathability and wonderfully textured feel of wool. Perfect for wearable clothing like sweaters and scarves!

Annette Eriksson FAQs

Who is Annette Eriksson?

The Annette Eriksson brand was created by Swedish crafter Annette Eriksson, who, after working in Sweden and Hong Kong, received the British Interior Designer Award (BIDA) for her collection of knitted homewares and embroidery.

What special yarns can I find in the Anette Eriksson range?

Special yarn types in the Anette Eriksson range include Eco cotton (recycled yarn that is strong and great for making bags, rugs and cloths), Frost yarn (shiny and metallic with a fuzzy texture), Jeans Crazy yarn (denim look that is soft with a stronghold) and Soft Yarn (very soft and cuddly fibres).

What can I make with Anette Eriksson yarn?

The Annette Eriksson yarn range can be used to make clothes (like sweaters, cardigans and winter dresses), accessories (beanies, scarves and gloves) and homewares (like throws, decorative towels and wall hangings). Make sure to grab some knitting patterns to help you create your project!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other types of yarn and needlework supplies at Spotlight including:

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