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Polar Fleece: Here's What You Need To Know

Fleece is a popular material that is used by clothing manufacturers and crafters alike, so it is no surprise that this particular material comes in different types. One of the types you will encounter is polar fleece, which delivers a variety of benefits. But what is the real difference between regular fleece and polar fleece? And are there certain things you need to know as a crafter? Here are the basics you need to know about polar fleece!

What Are The Different Types Of Fleece And How Are They Different?

There are almost a dozen different types of fleece, so crafters have plenty of options when it comes down to this particular material. Since polar fleece is one of the types you will encounter, let us explore the other polar fleece options out there.

Cotton fleece: This kind of fleece is popular for sweatpants and other types of loungewear. It is comfortable and soft, but also affordable. Cotton can also be combined with other materials, this includes polyester for added durability.

Polyester fleece: It is possible to find fleece made fully from manmade materials such as polyester. Polyester fleece tends to have a shiny appearance and is moisture-wicking, which does provide some benefits in rainy weather.

Polar fleece: This type of fleece is extremely popular for outdoor garments, mainly due to its thickness and warmth. It is also a popular material for blankets, as polar fleece provides outstanding protection against the cold.

Lycra fleece: If manufacturers want to add a bit more flexibility to fleece fabric, they tend to add materials such as lycra and fleece. This is often combined with cotton, as it retains the original properties cotton is known and loved for, but also takes some of the stretchy properties of lycra or spandex.

Microfleece: When you are looking for a lighter type of fleece, but still want that superior softness, you are looking for microfleece. The material is usually double-sided, lightweight, and even sports some moisture-wicking properties for maximum comfort.

What Are The Different Weights Of Fleece?

When you select fleece fabrics, it is likely you will encounter different weights. Unfortunately, weights can vary somewhat by manufacturer, so it is often necessary to check the manufacturer weight classifications to determine which kind of fleece is best for you.

The weight of the fleece is important to get the most from the material. For example, heavier types of fleece are best for colder outdoor environments, while lighter fleece is more suitable for a mild autumn night.

What Are The Main Reasons To Work With Fleece?

Fleece is an amazingly versatile material with various beneficial properties, so there are many reasons why you should consider working with this material.

One of the biggest benefits of fleece is its natural insulation properties. Because of this insulating property, crafters use it primarily to create warmer garments and to protect the wearer of those garments against the cold.

While fleece can keep you warm and comfortable, it also has some breathability. Of course, this depends heavily on the different source material. For example, cotton fleece is generally more breathable than polyester. So, looking at the source material is recommended for all crafters.

Browse The Range Of Polar Fleece At Spotlight

Do you need fleece that provides superior warmth and comfort? Are you planning a trip, and do you expect to spend some time in the cold? If so, you may want to make your garments with some outstanding polar fleece from Spotlight's polar fleece collection.

Spotlight's polar fleece range contains options in different colours, themes, and designs. We provide plain and even colours for easier blending, but also themed options for children's garments and pyjamas.

Discover the full range of polar fleece today and discover the sharp prices offered at Spotlight! We are sure you will find a sharp deal on all premium fabric choices in our catalogue.



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