Jewelled Summer Hat Project



  • Craft Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • 1x Pack Glue Sticks 11mm
  • 1x Black Hat Millinery by Maria George: Metallic Weave Wide Brim Hat (Black)
  • 4m Wide Ribbon (1 roll) Offrey: Ribbon on a Roll 38mm x 3.6m (Navy)
  • 4m Gold Edge Ribbon Berisfords: Golden Edge Satin Ribbon (Navy)
  • 6x Metal Flowers (1 string) Strung by Ribtex: Metal Feature BBs2014076 Star Flowers (Gold)
  • 3x Fabric Flowers (1 pack) Millinery by Maria George: Acrylic Fabric Flower (Navy)
  • 3x Glitter Flowers (1 pack) Millinery by Maria George: Acrylic Flower Multi Set 3 Pack (Royal Blue)
  • 3x Sequin Flowers (1 pack) Millinery by Maria George: Acrylic Flower Holo Petals (Purple)
  • 4x Gold Beads (1 pack) Mixed Media by Ribtex: Item # DBX77027 (Gold)
  • 2x Gold Tubes (1 pack) Mixed Media by Ribtex: Metal Tubes Long (Gold)
  • 2x Gold Feathers (1 pack) Millinery by Maria George: Metallic Feather 2pc (Gold)


  • 1x Heatproof Mat, Gloo: Heat Resistant Gloo Mat If using a glue gun
  • Glue Dots: Super Strength or Double-Sided Tape
  • 1x Coloured Marker, the same as beaded flowers (Blue)


Step 1 - Find the centre front of the hat and mark brim with a pin.

TIP The ribbon inside the hat is joined at the centre back.

Step 2 - Mark the centre of the wide ribbon and mark with a pin.Match the centre front of the hat and the centre of the wide ribbon and attach with glue / glue dots / double sided tape.

TIP Apply glue / tape along the middle of the ribbon as this will be covered later. If using glue, only use a light coat or it'll show through the ribbon.

Step 3 - Tie the ribbon at the back with a single knot and glue knot to hat

TIP Use glue dots or double sided tape along the middle of the ribbon, to secure around the sides of the hat.

Step 4 - OPTIONAL Colour around the edges of the beaded flowers with a marker, so you can't see the white felt.

Step 5 - Glue 3 sequin flowers to the centre of 3 metal flowers. Remove stamens (the beaded bits) from the centre of 3 fabric flowers. Glue a glitter flower on top of each fabric one. Glue these new two layer flowers onto of 3 metal flowers.

TIP Slightly bend the petals of the metal flowers backwards with your thumb to give them a bit more of a curve. This will make them hug the hat better.

Step 6 - Thread one of the sequin and metal flowers onto the centre of the thin, gold edge ribbon. This will be the middle flower.

TIP Some metal petals have bigger holes than others, which will make it easier thread.

Step 7 - On one side of the middle flower, add a bead, then a 3 layer flower, another bead, then sequin and metal flower. Repeat on other side.

Adjust the flowers so the petals are pointing inside the beads.

TIP Add some glue to hold in place.

Step 8 - Tie ribbon in a single knot at the back of the hat and glue into place.

Take the last 3 layer flower and use it to cover the ribbon knots at the back. Do this by threading ribbons through either side.

TIP Have a look from the side and if you can still see the ribbon knots, curve the metal flower petals back more.

Step 9 - Try on hat and decide how long you want the ribbons at the back and cut on 45 degree angle. On one side, roll the end of the wide and thin ribbons together into a long tube shape, then thread through a metal tube until they come out the end. Repeat on the other side.

Step 10 - Apply a bit of glue to the end of the ribbon and gently pull halfway back through the tube. Repeat on other side. Cut gold feathers stem to approx. 1cm to fit into the empty end of tube.

Step 11 - Glue end of feather and put into tube. Repeat on other side.

Lastly, try on your hat and take a minute to appreciate how fabulous you look!

TIP Look inside the hat, there's a smaller ribbon inside the bigger one. You can use this to adjust the hat to fit!



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