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What's in a shopping trolley, cart or basket?

Not all shopping trolleys, shopping carts or shopping baskets are created equal. You need to think through some important elements when picking the perfect receptacle for getting your shopping home safely and with ease.


Shopping trolleys are bound to get heavy once you load them up with your shopping, so you'll want to make sure they're as light as possible when empty. Consider whether your trolley, cart or basket hits that sweet spot where lightweight meets durability.


Can your trolley be steered or directed where you want it to go with minimum fuss? In other words, is it ergonomic with good manoeuverability? It's very easy to cause yourself injury if the wheels of your trolley or cart stick and you end up having to force it to move.


The design of your trolley should look good but also provide the sturdiness you need so you and your shopping get home in one piece. Look for trolleys and carts with strong aluminum frames, as well as bags made from functional materials, such as polyester, that are also easy to clean and maintain.


Just in case your shopping springs a leak or the heavens open up, you'll want to make sure your trolley or cart is well-insulated so these little accidents and inconveniences don't add up to major dramas. Well-insulated trolleys should be made from the kind of materials that can be cleaned with no trouble once you unpack, whether on the outside or the inside of the trolley.

Other considerations

Is your trolley, cart or basket easy to unpack? Is it compact, rather than cumbersome, which means you can move it around a store without bumping into displays or other customers, and you can also stow it away easily in your house? These practical considerations will make a world of difference when it comes to landing on a shopping trolley that is worth its weight in gold (or a waste of money).

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