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Display your plants in style with beautiful hanging planters from Spotlight. Shop hanging planter boxes online and showcase your plants with pride.

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Discover Elegant Hanging Planters At Spotlight

Display beautiful plants from your ceiling using any of the small and large hanging planters from Spotlight. Our intricate outdoor and indoor hanging planters can be used to hold plants, as well as stones, candles, sand and other decorative objects. Take advantage of vertical space and decorate your home with hanging planters from Spotlight!

The kinds of hanging planters at Spotlight

Our hanging planters come in two varieties, clear and opaque.

  • Our clear glass hanging planters are completely transparent and ideal for use when you want the inside of the planter to be visible. They're not often used for plants but are popular for other home decor like beads, candles and shells.
  • Our opaque hanging planters are solid and ideal for use with both natural and faux plants. If your opaque hanging planter box is made from ceramic you can even paint it!

Hanging planter FAQs

What is a hanging planter?

A hanging planter is a pot plant suspended by sturdy rope or wire that hangs down from a point on your ceiling or veranda. Hanging planters are used for small and medium plants, as they aren't strong enough to hold up heavier large plants.

Where can I display a hanging planter?

Hanging planters should always be used undercover. Whether that's indoors or outside under a veranda or awning, it will prevent rain and sun from weakening the rope or cord-hanging device. Hanging wall planters have a flat side which means they can be hung against a wall if needed.

What kinds of plants should I use in hanging planters?

Plants that have long fronds and leaves that trail down are popular for use in hanging planters, such as ferns, spider plants, string of pearls and ivy. Real plants will need to be trimmed and maintained to ensure they don't overgrow the hanging planter.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find a few other kinds of plant pots and containers at Spotlight, including:

  • Planter stands: Elevate your plants in a free-standing planter stand from Spotlight. They're a great way to fill narrow but tall vertical spaces in your home.
  • Plant pots: Our huge range of plant pots includes ceramic, plastic, glass, metal and woven plant pots perfect for all sorts of real and artificial plants.
  • Floral containers: Find all sorts of handy floral containers in this category.

Check out the full range of floristry and greenery online for more plant and planter options.

Find the right hanging planters at Spotlight

Discover the range of indoor and outdoor hanging planters right here at Spotlight! Shop for hanging wall planters online, pay your way and we'll deliver your hanging planters straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect small and large hanging planters in person.

Check out our buying guide for artificial plants and our blogs on styling faux plants and living room decor for more information on these amazing products. And if you want to get a little crafty and create your own hanging planters, check out our crochet, macrame and fabric planter pot projects.



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