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Enjoy Colourful Plant Pots From Spotlight

Dress up your favourite potted plants with a fresh new plant pot from Spotlight! Our range of plant pots comes in a great range of sizes, colours and styles, so it's easy to choose one that will suit your favourite plant.

Choose the perfect plant pot for your space

Our planter pots are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, designed to keep your plant safe and secure while also matching the decor theme of your home. Choose from wooden, ceramic, metal and terracotta planter pots for your greenery, and make sure you choose planters with drainage holes, should your plant require them.

Plant pot FAQs

What is a plant pot?

A plant pot, sometimes known as a planter pot or just a planter, is a rounded vessel used to house either a real or an artificial plant. Plant pots are designed to hold the plant and its soil firmly in place, and can resist water and sun to keep their good looks while also keeping the plant inside healthy.

Some planter pots and planter vases have drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to drain away.

How to wrap a plant pot

To gift wrap a plant pot, cut out a large square of wrapping paper and place the pot base-down in the centre. Starting with one of the corners, bring it straight up and hold it against the rim of the plant pot. Bring the next section of the paper up and fold it against the initial piece in a pleat. Continue to bring sections up and in pleats until you have gone around the whole planter pot. Secure the top of the pleats with a large elastic band, then tie a ribbon over it to hide the string and finish off your wrap!

Does my plant pot need drainage holes?

Unless you have an artificial plant in your planter pot, it's best to choose a planter that has drainage holes at the bottom. When you water any real plant you don't want the water to be sitting at the bottom of the pot, as this can cause your plant's roots to become soft and rotten, which will eventually kill your plant. Drainage holes allow excess water to drain away instead.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other useful and decorative accessories for your plants, which include:

  • Hanging planters These elegant plant pots hang from the ceiling, making them perfect for plants that hang down past their plant and have trailing fronds, creepers or leaves.
  • Planter stands: These eye-catching accessories feature a planter pot in an elevated stand, allowing you to showcase your plants off the ground. Some large planter stands even feature multiple pots to showcase multiple plants at once.
  • Floristry and greenery: Discover a vibrant range of artificial plants and flowers, from tiny faux flowers to enormous standing ferns and small trees.

Check out the full range of home decor for heaps of other gorgeous accessories to decorate your home with.

Find the right plant pots at Spotlight

Once you've chosen the perfect planter vase for your home, safely pay online and have your small, medium and large planters home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your planters in person.

For more information on choosing the best artificial plants for each room, read our faux plants buying guide. And for more indoor plant ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on styling artificial plants and how to mix real and fake plants together.



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