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Display your artificial plants in style with lovely planter stands from Spotlight. Shop plant stands online and stylishly showcase your plants at home.

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Decorate Your Home With Stylish Planter Stands From Spotlight

Take your indoor plant game to the next level using any of the amazing plant stands from Spotlight! You can elevate (literally) your plant styling with the right planter stands, racks and shelves from our collection, and we've got a fantastic range of designs that ensures you can find a plant stand that will suit your home's decor.

The kinds of plant stands you'll find at Spotlight

You can enjoy choosing from a few different types of planter stands, which include:

  • Multi-plant stands: These longer stands feature multiple racks for multiple plants, allowing you to display more than one small plant in a single space.
  • Wooden plant racks: Similar to a plant shelf, our wooden plant racks give you a wide, flat surface to display multiple plants on. Most plant racks have at least two levels so you can show off more than one plant at a time.
  • High and low plant stands: Whether you want to only slightly elevate your plant off the ground or have it towering off the floor, you can find a plant stand with the right height in our collection.

Planter Stand FAQs

What is a planter stand?

A planter stand is a sturdy rack designed to hold a plant pot off the ground. Many planter stands come with an included planter pot that fits it, but planter stands can also include flat plant shelves and tiered plant racks.

Where should I place a planter stand?

Planter stands are able to take up a good amount of vertical space, so they are a good decor choice if you have an empty corner or gap in your living or bedroom that needs filling. Shorter plant stands can also be placed on side tables, kitchen benches and even the ends of your dining table as they don't take up much space at all!

What kinds of plants should I put in a planter stand?

Planter stands tend to be on the smaller side, so look for smaller plants like succulents, flowering plants and miniature ferns to use in plant pots. Multi-plant stands especially will need small plants in them, as large plants may obstruct each other as they grow.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other types of planters and plants at Spotlight, such as:

  • Hanging planters: You can suspend these plant pots from your ceiling or veranda, allowing plants with trailing leaves and branches to shine.
  • Plant pots: Perfect for use indoors and out, plant pots come in a wide range of colours, materials and sizes, which ensures you can always find one to suit your home.
  • Floristry and greenery: Discover artificial ferns, flower stems garlands, wreaths and even terrarium-making supplies in our huge floristry and greenery category.

Browse our amazing home decor range for everything you need to outfit your home in your personal style!

Find the right planter stands at Spotlight

Once you've chosen the best plant shelf, rack or stand for your home online, safely pay and we'll deliver your plant stand straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team, will help you choose the best plant stands for your needs.

Read through our artificial plants buying guide if you need some assistance in choosing the right types of plants for your home. And if it's plant ideas and inspiration you're after, check out our blogs on styling artificial plants and mixing real and fake plants together.



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