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How To Best Decorate A Child's Bedroom

At Spotlight, you can find a variety of decorations for kids' bedrooms. From wall stickers to photo frames and themed blankets, there are plenty of possibilities when you shop from our catalogue. Do you require some advice before you start decorating your child's bedroom? Be sure to read on and get the most from the kids' decorations at Spotlight!

How Can I Decorate The Wall Without Damaging It?

Whether you want to keep your wall pristine, or whether you cannot add anything permanent because you are renting, there are various reasons why you might be looking at more viable wall decorations for a child's bedroom. One of the options you have is the so-called wall de-call, which easily sticks to the wall and can be removed with no problems.

Please note that wall decals should only be added to painted walls, not wallpapered wall. If you were to add it to wallpaper, it could pull some of the paper of.

One of the additional benefits of wall decals is that you can remove them once the preferences of your child change. It also means you do not have to repaint the entire room. With wall decals, you can use neutral colours and simply switch the decals out.

How Do I Designate Areas In A Child's Bedroom?

It can be advantageous to designate certain areas within a child's bedroom. You can have a relaxing sleep area, a study area and even a play area depending on the space you have available.

You technically do not need heaps of space to assign various areas in a child's bedroom. If there is little room for a play area, you can easily create one in your living room. As a standard, try to incorporate a sleep and a study area whenever possible.

Which Functional Yet Decorative Storage Is Suitable For A Child's Bedroom?

No matter how large or small a child's bedroom is, having sufficient storage inside the room can help to keep things organised. Fortunately, there are plenty of storage solutions that will meet your requirements.

If you want to encourage your child to put their toys away on their own, look for open storage containers and boxes. You can find transparent options, but the storage boxes in bold colours could be an excellent addition as well. You can also involve your child in the decision, and this can make the child take more pride in the organisation of their room.

How Can I Create More Space In A Smaller Room?

Dealing with small bedrooms is straightforward, because most of us have to cater for smaller rooms these days. There are countless tips that could help you make your child's bedroom appear more spacious.

One of the ways to save space is to push the child's bed against the wall. Ideally, you want to push it in a corner, as this will give you a lot more floorspace. In addition to that, children can feel a little safer when their bed is pushed against the wall.

How Do I Design Shared Bedrooms?

When you have two sisters or brothers sharing a bedroom, it is important to maintain a sense of individuality. While it may be easier to design everything in the same colours, the space may not feel comfortable to both children. To maintain the individuality of the child, use different colours and be sure to divide the bedroom in two separate areas so each child has his or her own space.

Creating separation in the same living space can be challenging, but easy techniques can be implemented to avoid problems. Simply place a nightstand or a bookshelf between the beds. Alternatively, you can also use a room divider to help create more individual spaces.

Choosing The Perfect Children's Bedroom Decorations From Spotlight

Have you decided where all the furniture will go, but do you need some decorations to make the bedroom match your child's preferences? If so, be sure to take a good look at the Spotlight catalogue, which is filled with countless decorations. From stunning wall art packs to themed blankets, you will be spoilt for choice when you choose your decorations from our catalogue.



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