How To Clean Your Kids' New Throws And Blankets?

Just like any other type of sheet or bedding, throws and blankets need to be maintained. As children can be more susceptible to bacteria of all types, and the fact your child can get attached to a particular throw or blanket, you want to make sure you keep all those throws and blankets clean. But what is the best way to keep your children's blankets and throws clean?

What Are The Basic Guidelines For Washing Blankets And Throws?

While there may be special care instructions for some blankets and throws, you can usually refer to the care label for the basic guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. The care label on your child's blanket or throw will contain detailed information on how you should wash or clean the item.

Most care labels will contain a series of symbols to indicate special care requirements. For example, it may contain a logo telling you not to iron the blanket or to only air dry it. If you don't know what a particular logo means, you can easily find more information online as well.

Of course, there can be some exceptions to the rule. Some care labels may prove difficult to read and in other cases the label could be missing all together. In these cases, it can be helpful to know which kind of material your child's blanket or throw is made of. Based on the material, you can easily look up the corresponding care instructions.

How To Maintain Children's Blankets Made From Fleece?

Fleece is a wonderfully soft materials and kids tend to love them. On the flipside, their overall care requires more consideration than other materials. It is recommended that you know all about the maintenance of fleece and how to avoid damage.

When you wash a fleece blanket, it is advised to wash it separate. If you put it with other clothing or towels, it may cause the fleece fibres to start pilling. Also, you should never put fleece blankets in a dryer. Heat is fleece fibres worst enemy, so you should always leave these blankets to air dry.

How To Maintain Knitted Children's Blankets?

Knitted blankets can always be a bit of a challenge to maintain, even though they look and feel brilliant. To avoid damage, you should always follow the necessary steps.

Firstly, always choose a detergent that is not too tough on the knitted blanket. Materials such as cotton and linen can be sensitive, so look for dedicated knitwear detergents or other gentle detergents.

You can also obtain a mesh bag to put your knitted blanket in before you place it in the washing machine. A mesh bag will prevent the stitches from getting unravelled, but it is still necessary to adjust your washing machine to the gentlest cycle possible.

Knitted blankets should always be washed with cold water, especially those blankets made with natural fabric fibres such as cotton and linen. Acrylics can take a little higher temperature in the washing machine, but cold will always be the better option.

There are some knitted blankets that can be tumble-dried, but you should never dry on a high temperature. Set your dryer to low temperature and make sure you place it in an appropriate dryer bag to prevent the stitches from unravelling.

If you are worried about the blanket unravelling in the dryer despite the use of a dryer bag, maybe because the blanket is a little old, you should air dry your child's blanket instead. Also, keep the blanket away from direct sunlight, as this may cause colour facing.

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