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What To Pay Attention To When Selecting Sheets For The Kids?

Selecting bed sheets is relatively easy once you know what you are looking for. If you get a little more familiar with materials, thread count, and other variables that may include the comfort of bed linen, you are guaranteed to end up with a quality product. So, let us take a closer look at the things you should pay attention to when selecting sheets for your child's bedroom.

Is Thread Count Really The Main Feature To Look At?

Many bed linen manufacturers will promote their products with extremely high thread counts. While thread count could be an indicator of quality, it is certainly not the only thing to look at these days. In fact, you should take bed linen advertisements that sport extremely high thread counts with a serious grain of salt.

Most people will have their preferences when it comes to thread count. If you are unsure, then a thread count between 300 and 500 should provide you with a quality choice. You could also buy some sheets in various thread counts, so you can see which sheets seem to provide your child with the better night sleep.

Please note that higher thread counts could also mean an increase in price. Fortunately, most options under and around 500 thread count are pretty affordable.

What Materials Are Best For Children's Bed Sheets?

As various materials can provide different properties, it is recommended to get familiar with these properties to determine the best choice for your little one. Evidently, some materials are more common than others for children's bed sheets.

One of the common materials often used for children's bed sheets is cotton. When it comes to breathability and comfort, cotton scores really well. It is also a durable material, so sheets made from cotton tend to last quite long.

If your child has a relatively warm bedroom or tends to be too warm when sleeping, you could choose linen bed sheets as well. Linen is extremely breathable and light, which makes it more suitable for warmer temperatures. However, linen can be considerably more expensive than their cotton counterparts.

Some manufacturers use synthetic materials for their bed sheets. Synthetics can be beneficial for allergy-sufferers, as they do not contain any compounds that can cause allergic reactions. On the flipside, bed sheets made from pure synthetic materials such as polyester can be rather rough and less comfortable. To fix this problem, many bed sheet manufacturers will combine a synthetic material with cotton. This is referred to as poly-cotton or poly-blend.

How Does The Weave Influence The Quality Of Bed Sheets?

The weave that has been used by the manufacturer can influence the quality and overall comfort of bed sheets. Percale is a common weave you will find with bed sheets. It is characterised by its light weight and its crisp feel.

When you encounter denser weaves, for example micro-fibre tight weaves, you will get bed sheets that are more resistant to liquids, but also sheets that are softer. Other possible weaves you can encounter include sateen and flannel. Sateen is known for its ultra-soft feel, while flannel is known for its warmth properties. Therefore, sateen is suitable throughout the year while flannel is often used during the winter months.

Considering the variable properties that can be present in bed sheets, you must think about their suitability for certain seasons or throughout the year. Some parents prefer to buy their children sheets that can be used all year round. Then, there are also parents that prefer to buy bed sheets specifically for summer or winter. Evidently, the choice is yours.

The Premium Selection Of Bed Sheets For Children At Spotlight

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Please note that Spotlight provides the full range of bed linen for children, this includes anything from flat sheets and fitted sheets to duvet covers and pillows. Benefit today from our amazing deals on bedding by browsing the Spotlight catalogue.



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