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Top Tips To Organise Your Child's Toys!

Keeping your child's toys organised can be a real nightmare, especially if your little one often changes his or her mind about which toys they want. However, there are some brilliant tips you can use to keep toys organised.

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To ensure you have enough storage space, you can check out our range of kids storage items. Whether you need better containers or something a little more suitable to store your children's toys in, you are bound to find it in our catalogue. Of course, you can also implement some of our top tips below.

What Are Some Top Tips To Keep Children's Toys Organised?

Below, we have listed some tried and tested methods to keep children's toys organised. If you are struggling to keep your child's toy supply under control, the following tips should help you to tame the chaos.

Purchase suitable toys storage: If your child has a decent supply of toys, there is no point in trying to store them in a dresser or box that is too little to hold them all. So, it is important to check out the toys that need to be stored and the storage options that are available to you. In some cases, you may have to purchase more suitable furniture.

Don't keep everything: Most children always have more toys than they actually need. While it may be tempting to keep a hold of them all, just in case your child gets interested in a certain toy again, it is better to remove some of the unused toys instead. You can even put the unused toys in a sealed box and drop them off at a charity.

It is best not to throw away the toys yourself. Always involve your child in the decision. Make it clear that the unused toys could go to children that do not have as many toys. You will be surprised just how helpful your little one will be.

Make it easier: When putting away toys is too difficult, for example due to storage that is too high for your child to reach, it is unlikely that your child will be motivated to put the toys away. To counter this problem, evaluate your child's space and place storage containers at their height. Make it a habit for your child to put the toys away, as they are more likely to keep this habit going.

Don't keep boxes: Unless you intend on returning a new toy, do not keep the boxes the toys have come in. These boxes can be remarkably bulky and can be a lot more difficult to store.

Of course, there can be some exceptions to the rule. Large boxes of Lego blocks are a prime example. They usually come in their own storage solution that is kid-friendly and easier to store. So, this is one of the very few storage solutions that you might keep.

Group similar toys: There is little point in storing toys separately, especially if your child has a lot of similar toys. Your child may have a collection of cars, blocks, or even clay. Keeping these similar toys together can avoid mess later on, as your child will find it easier to locate the specific toy they are after.

Use labels: Do your child's toys often get thrown around for no apparent reason? Well, your child may find it difficult to find the toys they want to play with, leaving a chaos of unused toys in their wake. To avoid this issue, start to use labels on the boxes where you have stored the toys.

For young children, do not solely use labels with the name of the toys. Ideally, you want to use a combination of an illustration and the name of the toy, this makes it easier for your child to find the right box.

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