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How To Make A Picnic More Entertaining For The Kids?

If you are planning a picnic with family and friends, you want to make sure the kids stay entertained. Fortunately, there are some simple and fun games that you can organise during the picnic. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out some of our suggestions below.

How To Play The Picnic Basket Battle?

The Picnic Basket Battle is a fun game to play, and it could actually help you setup your picnic in the process. To play this game, you need two picnic baskets with identical contents - this includes a picnic blanket, some child friendly plates and cups, cutlery, and other picnic related contents.

Once you have your picnic basket ready, divide the children into two groups. The aim of the game is to set up the picnic spread as soon as possible. The team who gets the picnic up the fastest in the right manner wins. Not only it is a great way to entertain the kids, it reduces some of the time you spend setting up everything!

How To Play Flip Flop Kicks?

Many children and even adults tend to wear flip flops during a picnic. Even these flip flops can be used for a fun game. It is also a game that both adults and children can play.

The aim of flip flop kicks is in the name! The goal of the game is to kick off your flip flops as far as possible. Keep a scoreboard with the kids names and the distance they managed to kick their flip flops. To save some time, it can be useful to mark the grass with some objects instead of measuring each time.

How To Play Spoon That Balloon?

Water balloons remain a popular activity during a picnic. There are several games you can play with water balloons, including spoon that balloon.

To play spoon that balloon, you will need a couple of wooden spoons and water balloons. You will also need a predetermined route kids will have to walk along. When the game starts, place a water balloon on the spoon. Then, kids have to balance a full water balloon on a wooden spoon and make it along the route without dropping it.

Please note that you could choose the original version of this game with a simple spoon and some eggs. However, the water balloons tend to leave a lot less of a mess!

If you want to try another game with water balloons, you can also place some classic dodgeball. Simply divide the children into two teams and divide an area in two spaces. You could use objects to mark a line. Then, it is the aim to hit someone of the opposing team with the water balloon. When you get hit with the balloon, you are out of the game. Of course, this can be avoided by either catching the balloon or jumping out of the way.

When playing dodgeball with water balloons, it can be a good idea to tell the kids to have a change of clothing with them. Even on a hot day, water balloons can leave the kids drenched. Also make sure there is an appropriate and private area where the kids can get changed.

How To Play Fill The Jar?

For this game, you need a selection of jars, some large sponges, and a couple of buckets of water. Divide the children in several groups, depending on how many children are attending the picnic. Place the bucket on one end of the picnic grounds and the jar on the other.

When the game starts, the team has to fill the jar on the other side of the picnic ground with water as soon as possible. The only catch? It has to be filled without moving the bucket of water, which means the only means of water transfer is the sponge. So, children will do a lot of running back and forth and will have a great time to boot!

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