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If you are looking for the perfect way to stick your fabric crafts, then shop our extensive range of fabric glues and adhesives at Spotlight. With all sorts of fabric glues, including washable options, as well as tapes, rolls, dots and more. Whatever your textile projects, we have everything that you need to achieve that professional finish that you are looking for, with bargains galore across the entire range.

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Can I purchase fabric glues and adhesives from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Get creative with your clothing and make textile projects to be proud of with our superb selection of top quality fabric glues and adhesives at Spotlight. A good glue is the foundation of your craft project, and fabric glue is an excellent alternative to sewing. Whether you are looking to add a few embellishments, do a quick repair job, or anything else, we have fabric glues and adhesives available in a range of strengths. Shop the range online or call into your local Spotlight store today, for bargains galore across our entire haberdashery selection.

What is included in this range?

Shop our superior selection of fabric glues and adhesives at Spotlight, and find the perfect way to stick your craft. Whether you are adding cute embellishments or gluing two pieces of fabric together, this selection includes a range of different options for various fabrics. We have both washable and non-washable fabric glue options available, as well as fuse tape and transfer sheets that will help you to create your very own design. This range also features a choice of fabric stiffeners - these will permanently stiffen your fabric into a variety of shapes and is ideal for creating collars, waistbands, hats, and unique clothing. With such a wide choice available, plus great value deals across the selection, stock up on fabric glues today, and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

Do you have any tips for working with fabric glue?

Fabric glue is the perfect solution for repair jobs, hems, attaching name tags, or showing off your personality with all manner of embellishments. It can be a handy tool in your dressmaking, millinery, bag making, toy making, or any other hobby that requires fabric. Whether you are a beginner to working with fabric glue or a seasoned pro, check out our handy hints below:

  • Prepare: Before you stick your glue onto the fabric, it is essential that the material is clean as a dirty or dusty fabric will not take the colour as well. It is recommended that you hand wash your fabric in cold water prior to beginning your project, which will also help to prevent any damage due to shrinkage.
  • Test: When working with lighter and more delicate fabrics, there is a chance that fabric glue will not be sufficient, could result in rippling, and could potentially stain the finished piece. If possible, check your fabric glue on a piece of scrap fabric or an inconspicuous section of your project, and allow drying for 24 hours to judge the impact.
  • Smooth: When you are using your fabric glue, apply a thin line and then smooth this using a small piece of plastic or cardboard. Them, attach the two pieces of fabric, before repeating the smoothing process. It is vital that you do not stretch your fabric before gluing, or throughout the process, as this could result in a messy finish.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We always like to remind customers always to read the label and the instructions that come with the product thoroughly before use. These glues may cause an allergic reaction and may contain latex. Always ensure that your craft supplies and sewing kit are stored well out of the reach of children and pets. Finally, if you are crafting with little ones, provide full adult supervision and check the individual product for the recommended age.



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