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Add a touch of winter warmth and opulent luxury to any room in the house, with our delightful selection of blankets and throws at Spotlight. Whether you are shopping for the softest chenille throw, a knotted delight, faux fur, or even an electric blanket for those particularly cold nights, we are confident that you will find the perfect one amongst our range of beautiful blankets and throws. They are available in a vast array of colours, materials and styles, plus with our guaranteed low prices across the collection, you can get warm and toasty without breaking the bank.

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Blankets and throws galore

Blankets come in every imaginable style, shape and fabric. Here are a few of the most popular so you can wrap your head around the best choice for you:

Throw blankets

Available in light or heavy materials, throw blankets are designed to keep you warm when it gets chilly, without making you feel too hot or bulky. Note that a throw blanket is not the same as a fleece blanket, even though it can be made from fleece. Throw blankets are usually larger than fleece blankets.

Fleece blankets

One of the most comfortable blankets, fleece is the fabric of choice for those who like warmth but not weight. However, because they're thin, you'll need multiple fleece blankets on cold nights.

Afghan blankets

A specific type of throw blanket, Afghan blankets are usually handmade, either knitted or crocheted. This technique means they're 'holey' so they're not the warmest of blankets but they're great for adding a decorative element to a couch or sofa.

Faux fur throws

These are perfect additions to the homes of animal advocates because faux fur is a man-made fibre. However, it does imitate the qualities of real fur - fluffy, warm and cosy - which makes faux fur very popular. Faux fur is also surprisingly breathable, which means it is ideal to prevent sweating.

Tufted throws

Created from different fibres - whether natural (eg. cotton) or synthetic ones (eg. polyester) - tufted throws are identifiable by the single or multiple tufts that feature on the ends of the blanket. Much like Afghan blankets, tufted blankets are mainly used for decorative purposes.

Styling a throw blanket for your couch or sofa

There's no easier or more affordable way to give your rooms and furnishings an uplift than with a perfectly styled throw. Here are some tips to get you started:

Mixing and matching throws

Choose your throw according to the texture you love but also think about the pattern and colour of your throw and how it blends with other elements in the room, such as your cushions. For instance, if you have a neutral-coloured couch, a bright throw with a busy design may give it more personality. Be careful of overdoing it - too many patterns can compete with the eye and detract from the space.

Everything is in the placement

Don't just dump your throw blankets on the couch - the elegance of a throw comes out through the fold of the material married with the design. For example, you might drape the throw over the arm or back of the couch or stack several throws to create interesting patterns and designs of your own making. Experiment and see what really pops in your room.

Cover it with a throw

Not only can throws protect upholstery from wear, tear, pet hair and other hazards but they can be used to mask existing blemishes such as covering up torn or marked fabric or scratched furniture arms or legs.

Find the right blankets and throws at Spotlight

Ready to purchase? Browse our products online and read our styling guide or, alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different blankets and throws available. Don't hesitate to speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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