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Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bedding And Mattresses

When you become a parent for the first time, you will notice that there are a lot of different things to think about when you purchase bedding and mattresses. To help you get the right bedding and mattresses from our range right away, we have compiled a list with the most frequently asked questions.

What Baby Bedding Do I Need?

To get started, you will need a good mattress that fits the cot perfectly. The mattress should not leave any holes or gaps on the side or the edges. You will also need some sheets to cover the mattress. You will find that fitted sheets are the most convenient. You could also add a light blanket for warmth, but this is not recommended for very young children.

Can I Use A Travel Cot In The Nursery?

Not all parents have a large amount of space in their nursery, so some wonder if a smaller travel cot can be kept in the nursery instead. But is a travel cot as safe as having a regular cot in your nursery?

The short answer to the question is yes, but there are some provisos. Since travel cots can be relatively flimsy, always make sure you have one with a sturdy base and a good firm mattress. The mattress should also be made from a waterproof material, which will keep the mattress sanitary.

We only advise using a travel cot in the nursery if there are no other options. If you can rearrange some furniture around to make it fit, then always do so. However, make sure that the cot is not in direct sunlight or near any of the radiators inside the nursery.

Can I Use A Second-Hand Cot Mattress?

When you have multiple children, or when someone has a spare cot mattress, it is not that uncommon for second-hand mattresses to be used. Even though it is always advised to obtain a new one, there are some occurrences where parents use a second-hand option due to budget restrictions.

We must mention that some scientists claim there is a link between a second-hand mattress and an increased risks of SIDS. This has most likely to do with a reduced firmness of the mattress. If you have no other choice than to use such a mattress, always make sure it is firm, waterproof, and does not show any clear signs of damage.

Are Twins Allowed To Sleep In The Same Cot?

While there is no sufficient evidence that putting twins in the same cot puts them at a safety risk, there are always some considerations when you do so. For example, you should never put twins in a small Moses basket or smaller cot together. Since two babies are sharing a smaller space, it can leave your babies feel way too warm.

Secondly, if you decide to let your twins share a cot, it should only be done when the babies are not able to roll over. Once the children can roll over, one could roll on another and this could become a danger.

Finally, do not add any blankets or foam cushions between the babies. These objects could become suffocation hazards. In other words, you should put them like you would put a single baby. However, be sure to move them to their own cot once they become bigger.

When Do I Introduce Pillows?

Pillows should not be introduced until your child is at least one year old. Most parents wait even longer than that. They often wait until their child can sleep in a toddler bed and then introduce the pillow sometime later to make the transition between cot and toddler bed a little easier.

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