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How To Design And Decorate Your Child's Nursery?

At Spotlight, you can find many items that will help you design and decorate your child's nursery. But how do you get started? What should you take care of first? Let's find out with this convenient guide to designing and decorating a nursery.

What Is The First Thing To Do When Designing And Decorating A Nursery?

Before you start picking colours, decorations and furniture, you need to choose a theme or a style. Since your child is too young to have his or her own preferences, the choice will come down to you.

Choosing a theme provides benefits for many reasons. However, the most dominant benefit is that it enables you to create a cohesive interior design. It is easy to overdo a design in a nursery, but you don't want the design to be overwhelming and disturb your child's sleep. So, choosing a theme can avoid you a lot of hassle too.

Which Colours Are Best For A Nursery?

The colours you use in the nursery can influence your child's mood and even their sleep. So, choosing the right colour is essential. To give you a good overview of the possibilities, here are some top tips for popular colours.

Earthy browns: If you want a nursery that radiates warmth and love, then earthy colours will be the best choice. Of course, it is important not to go too dark with your earthly tones, simple light beiges and tan colours are advised.

Light grey colours: Grey is not a colour most people consider, but it can be good for a nursery. Ideally, use a lighter grey with some warmer coloured furniture for the best possible combo.

Pink or blue: The traditional colours for nurseries are still trendy. However, always make sure not to use too much pink or blue. Go for subtle hues and combine with white furniture and decorations to set a clean and smooth tone.

White: White stands for purity and is one of the easiest colours to work with. That being said, parents must consider that white can stain easily. Also, make sure that you combine the white with some warmer lights, as the room may look quite clinical otherwise.

We must mention that you must consider the colour of textiles before you start painting. If you pick a particular colour for the cot's mattress, decorative pillows and even furniture you already have, it could be much easier to work around.

When painting the nursery, do not forget to paint the ceiling in the nursery as well. By giving the ceiling a more soothing colour, your baby could have a better night sleep.

Should I Divide The Nursery In Various Areas?

It can prove extremely functional to divide the nursery in various areas. Here are some of our suggestions that you may find useful.

Nursing area: A dedicated area where you can feed the baby is always a good idea. Not only will it help to create a routine for your little one, you will be more comfortable too.

Sanitation area: Germs are the enemy for your little one, so having an area in the nursery for sanitation is an absolute must. Make sure you stock the area with plenty of antibacterial gel, nappies, and a decent changing table for more efficient nappy changing.

Clothes storage: Try to keep your child's clothes in the same dresser, as this will save you heaps of time. Choose one decent-sized dresser that fits all of your child's clothes and socks, this way, you only need to check one place.

Modular storage options: Modular storage is brilliant for nurseries, as it enables parents to adjust the storage to what they require. As your child grows, you can even set the modular storage at child height, so your child can start putting away their own toys.

Gorgeous Nursery Items Now Available At Spotlight?

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