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How To Make Sure Your Baby's Nursery Is Safe?

When you start designing the nursery, it is always nice to put on a decorative accent with some nursery coverlets, wall art, and other fun nursery items. However, it is also important to think about the safety of the nursery. So, how do you find that perfect balance between decorative beauty and safety?

What Are The Features That Make A Cot Safe?

Cots must be made to certain standards in New Zealand, so obtaining a cot that isn't safe is unlikely. That being said, even though it is unlikely, it does not mean that it could not happen altogether. There are some features you must check before acquiring a cot, and these are the most important.

Depth of the cot: The overall depth of the cot is important for its safety. The cot must be deep enough, so your baby does not fall out of the cot.

Cot bars: The bars on the side of the cot need to be a certain distance apart to be safe. Your baby should not be able to get in between the bars at all. If this is the case, the cot in question does not mean current safety standards.

Second-hand cots: If you have a second-hand cot, you must check for the same safety features. You might even have to remove the old paint from the cot, as cots made before the 70's could contain leaded paint. So, be sure to remove the paint and repaint it with a lead-free alternative.

Where Should The Cot Be Placed In The Nursery?

The location of the cot is important too. You want to find a location that is removed from the radiator or direct sunlight. You also want to avoid windows, which may cause a breeze and make your child ill. You should also avoid putting the cot near any wall hangings or furniture, as your child can use these to climb out of the cot once they get a little older.

In addition to the location of the cot, you should make sure you place your baby in the right position when it is time to sleep. Your baby should always sleep on his back, this will reduce the risk of so-called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

What Bedding Is Safe For A Nursery?

Some bedding can be safer than others and this is something parents should be aware of when they make some purchases from the nursery. One of the most important parts is the mattress. A good mattress for the cot should be relatively firm and have a depth of at least ten centimetres.

The mattress must also fit your cut perfectly. Make sure that there are no gaps or overlaps, which could potentially injure your child or cause them to turn in their sleep. It is also important never to use a pillow for a baby, as this automatically puts them in the wrong sleeping position.

When selecting bedding, we recommend only obtaining blankets and coverlets for decorative purposes. They are usually hung over the crib or cot when the baby is not in it, as it can tie the entire room's design together. Once your child gets a little bigger, it can become a safety blanket or a decorative accent in their bedroom. In short, blankets and coverlets only have a decorative purpose for very young children.

Which Sleepwear Is Safe?

Just like bedding, your child's sleepwear should be fitting right too. This especially applies for children who are just starting to walk. When your child starts walking and their sleepwear is too long, it could cause them to trip and fall.

Beautiful Nursery Coverlets From Spotlight

When you shop at Spotlight, you can count on a beautiful range of nursery coverlets. Our coverlets come in a variety of colours and designs, this ranges from Dumbo to Harry Potter. So, if you are looking for a decorative accent on the cot or want to give an older child a comforter, these will be perfect.

In addition to our coverlets, be sure to check out the other baby categories at Spotlight too. From toys to nursery decorations, you can find them all for an amazing price in our catalogue.



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