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Discover The Perfect Costume Headbands & Headpieces At Spotlight

The perfect topper for any costume is a quality headband or headpiece from Spotlight. No matter your party's theme, our headpieces come in such an incredible variety of styles and colours you're bound to find something that goes with your fancy dress outfit! Perfect for birthday parties, Halloween or when you want a subtle touch of fun without a full-blown costume.

The Kinds Of Headbands And Headpieces You Can Find At Spotlight

You can find all sorts of headpieces and headbands at Spotlight, including delicate tiaras and crown tiara headbands, regal crowns and crown headbands, beautiful flower headpieces and garlands, groovy 70's headbands and eye-catching 20's headbands.

Be sure to sort by a theme to find the right headpieces for your needs quickly!

Costume Headbands and Headpieces FAQ

What is a headband/headpiece?

A headband is an elastic piece of material worn across the forehead and around the circumference of the skull, while a headpiece is a small accessory pinned in place on the hair or on top of the head. A headpiece can also be a headband with an attached feature like a bow that sits across the top of the head, rather than the front.

What's the difference between a crown and a tiara?

A crown has a circular base and rests on top of the head, encompassing the top of the scalp so it isn't seen. Crowns are usually only worn by royalty. A tiara (sometimes called a diadem) is only a half circle, and rests towards the front of the head just above the hairline. The wearer's head can be seen through the tiara. While often seen worn by royalty, tiaras can be worn by anyone able to afford them!

How can I help my headband/headpiece stay on my head?

If you find your costume headband or headpiece isn't staying in place, here are some tricks you can use:

  • Glue clear plastic combs to the sides of your headpiece that you can tuck into your hair to keep it in place.
  • If your headpiece is quite small, adhere a snap clip or a barrette to its underside with glue so you can keep it firmly in place.
  • Hide the elastic of a tiara or crown headband and help keep it in place by twirling your hair around it and then securing it with bobby pins.
  • For extreme (ie. very formal) events, you can create a tiny braid behind the front of a tiara or crown and then 'sew' it into your hair using clear elastic string. It'll be hard to get out, but you can be confident your headwear won't move an inch!

What Else Can I Find in the Party & Costumes Range At Spotlight?

Headpieces will only make up a small piece of any outfit! Check out some of our other costumes categories for more cool accessories, including:

  • Makeup and body paint: The right application of makeup or body paint can completely transform your face. It's especially effective when creating a scary costume.
  • Legwear and gloves: Whether you need 80's leg warmers or saucy fishnet gloves, our legwear and gloves category will have the right accessory for your costume.
  • Masks: Become a superhero, a mysterious villain or just enjoy a masquerade party with the right mask from this category. Includes full-face, half face and make-your-own mask options.

Be sure to browse our entire range of costumes and accessories to create the ultimate fancy dress costume for your next event!

Find The Right Headbands And Headpieces At Spotlight

Become royalty, your favourite Disney character or a partier from past decades with the right headpieces and headbands from Spotlight. Shop online and you can pay your way before we deliver your headpieces straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and you can choose your headbands, tiaras or crowns in person. For fun party ideas, you can wear your newest headpieces too, read our blogs on throwing the ultimate Halloween party, throwing a masquerade party at home and how to throw a 1920s-themed event. And don't forget to read our buying guides on party decorations and party tableware to ensure you're getting everything you need for your own events.



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