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Spotlight's Home Rug Buying Guide

At Spotlight, you can find numerous categories with different kinds of rugs, this goes from coffee table rugs to hall runners. But how do you choose the right rug for your home? To find out, be sure to read through the useful guide created by the Spotlight experts.

What Rug Size Do I Need?

The size of the rug is often the first thing homeowners need to think about. Evidently, the size of the rug is subject to the space you have available, but also the overall function of the rug.

Rugs generally come in four different sizes: small rugs, medium rugs, large rugs, and extra-large rugs. Smaller rugs are commonly used to place the focus on smaller pieces of furniture, or as a functional rug for the bathroom. Medium and large rugs are particularly useful for the living room and master bedroom. Extra-large rugs are usually limited to the living room or a large dining room, as a substantial amount of space is required.

What Is The Best Rug To Put Underneath The Coffee Table?

This is one of the most commonly purchased rugs, as many homeowners love the look that a rug under the coffee table can create. When choosing a rug for this purpose, you need to make sure that the rug covers all the legs of your coffee table. Ideally, you want a few centimetres just past the legs.

When you choose a coffee table rug, you also need to make sure that you can easily walk around it. A coffee table rug should never be too much wider than your actual coffee table, otherwise the rug will get extremely dirty. Remember, a coffee table rug has a decorative purpose.

Finally, you have to be careful with the design you choose for the coffee table rug. Most people choose solid colours to be safe, but you can choose a nice design as well. However, when you choose a design, always remember that your furniture will hide most of it. Therefore, carefully consider the rug design you are going for.

Which Rug Is Best For My Dining Table?

The rug for the dining table requires the same considerations as the rug for your coffee table. There is an exception though. The rug needs to be wider than your coffee table, so that the chairs still remain on the rug when they are being pulled out.

Contrary to the rug for the coffee table, shoes will find their way on the dinner table rug. As your guests sit down to eat, you need to consider that your rug can then come in contact with dirt and debris. Therefore, it is best to choose a rug that is easy to vacuum.

Can I Use Multiple Rugs In The Living Room?

You can use multiple rugs in the living room, but it does depend on the amount of space you have available. If your living room is quite small, then using many rugs can make your living room look smaller. In fact, when the rug gets too close the wall, the rug can look oversized for the room as well. So, if you decide to buy multiple rugs for your living room, it is essential to plan their placement beforehand.

Can I Put Rugs In The Bedroom?

There are several ways to incorporate rugs in the bedroom. You can place some soft and plush rugs on the side of the bed, a medium or longer rug is usually best. When doing this, always make sure you do not keep your shoes on when going to bed, as this could ruin a push bedroom rug in no time.

You can also choose a rug that is placed underneath your bed. While this is a traditional look, it can provide some advantages. It can place the focus on the bed and make the bedroom more inviting overall. However, always remember that there should be some room between the bed and the walls, otherwise the carpet and your bed will look oversized and your room will look too small.

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