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How Do You Purchase The Perfect Door Mat?

Most people look at the design of a door mat more than the materials. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are some things to think about when it comes down to door mat materials. So, if you want the most functional as well as the most beautiful door mat for your home, be sure to read through our handy tips.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Door Mats?

Before you can choose a door mat, you need to determine whether you will be using it indoors or outdoors. As you may know already, indoor and outdoor door mats are made from different materials. For example, outdoor mats are made from water-resistant materials such as sea grass, while indoor door mats tend to consist of fabric-like materials.

What Are The Factors To Look At When Selecting A Door Mat For Your Home?

Now that we have mentioned the important difference between indoor and outdoor door mats, let's look at some of the selection criteria you will encounter during the selection process. Of course, some of these factors can be more or less important for some homeowners. It is important to determine which factors are most important to you.

Durability - The durability of your door mat is evidently important. However, there are various types of durability you need to look at. Some areas of the house are subject to heavy and frequent foot traffic, this includes your front door. For these areas, you need a material that can withstand this amount of foot traffic.

For high-traffic areas within the home, you want to choose a door mat with either a textured surface or a so-called abrasive surface. These mats are quite effective to remove any dirt from the shoes before you enter the home, but also have plenty of resistance against wear and tear.

Temperature - The temperature inside or outside your home can influence your choice of door mat too. Did you know that rubber door mats are not the best idea in the winter? In fact, extremely cold temperatures could cause the rubber door mat to show cracks. Therefore, it is best not to use rubber door mats in the winter time.

Even though rubber door mats are not brilliant in colder temperatures, they have their benefits in the summer. Rubber mats are slip-resistant, which means users are less likely to slip and fall. Because of this functionality, it is not unusual for rubber mats to be placed in homes owned by people who have mobility problems.

The backing material - Some door mats have a different material on the top compared to the bottom. Therefore, it is essential to look at the material that is on the bottom of the door mat. Many door mats will have a so-called anti-slip bottom, which are once again important for people with reduced mobility or a higher chance of falls.

By choosing a door mat with a non-slip backing, you also ensure that the door mat does not move from its original place. If you have a wooden or fake wooden floor, then this kind of property becomes extremely important.

Size - Another important factor in your decision will be the size of the door mat. Most door mats are available in a width that matches the average front door, yet some people have double doors, a smaller door, or a bigger door compared to the average option. Therefore, it can be useful to measure the width of your front door before you choose a size for your door mat.

Versatility - If you tend to move your door mat around, then versatility will be a major property for you. Those who like to move their door mat between the indoors and outdoors should always choose an option that can handle both at various temperatures throughout the year. Evidently, these mats can be a little more expensive.

Choose Your Door Mat At Spotlight!

Spotlight has a nice selection of door mats with a variety of benefits. We have door mats that are a combination of rubber and fibre, providing the best of both worlds, but also honeycomb and prestige mats. So, there are plenty to choose from.



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