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The purpose of a hall runner

Without a doubt, hall runners - which are traditionally narrower and longer than rugs or mats - brighten up the home and help establish the theme of your decor as soon as someone sets foot inside the door. But there are some practical functions that make a carpet or hall runner an essential part of any home.

Hall runners feel soft on weary feet. They also protect wooden floors from scuffs and other wear and tear, while creating a sound and insulation barrier. For homes with carpet hallways, hall runners still provide a useful decorative purpose while ensuring your carpet doesn't take the brunt of heavy traffic.

As well as hallways, hall or carpet runners can be placed in foyers, kitchens or even along staircases.

Choosing hall runners

Measure it up

Getting your measurements correct is very important. A hall runner that is too short or too thin will look awkward in the space, and you'll want it to be flush with doorways so you can step onto it. You will need to accommodate elements such as furniture and door clearance in your measurements too.

Settling on a style

Your surrounding decor, architectural elements and flooring should determine the style of your hall runner. Traditional hardwood floors look great with traditional runners, including Persian or Oriental-style ones, while geometric tiled floors often work well with contemporary runners.

Similarly, the pattern of your runner needs to accentuate and create interest, rather than clash with your home decor. Think carefully about how the pattern can work for you. For instance, in smaller hallways, a striped runner could be used to visually extend the hallway, and floral patterns blend beautifully with vintage or boho homes, giving a sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

Materials and density

There's a lot of practicality that comes into play when choosing a hall runner because it's more than likely your rug will endure several accidents across its lifetime. Synthetic fibres - such as acrylics, polyester and polypropylene - are excellent for hallways because they don't absorb water the same way as natural fibres such as cotton, jute and wool.

Getting into the feel

Given that hallway runners work hard, you'll be best-served by a thick carpet runner that can last you for years. But, really, the feel of the pile is a personal choice. It's very difficult to look further than a shaggy rug when it comes to feeling warm and cosy.

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