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Creating Curtains For Your Child's Bedroom? Here's The Different Types You Need To Be Familiar With!

A child's bedroom is not complete without a nice set of curtains. At Spotlight, you can obtain premade curtains for your child's bedroom in a variety of designs. However, we also provide the fabrics you need to make the curtains from scratch! To ensure you are familiar with the different types of curtains you can make for your little one, we have lined up a little information about each type below.

What Is The Box Pleat Curtain?

If you are looking for a curtain with a clean finish and a decent drape, the box pleat curtain could be the solution. We must mention that these curtains tend to look quite formal, so they are mostly used in dining rooms and study rooms. That being said, if you love a more formal and neutral look in your child's bedroom, then the box pleat curtain could certainly be an option.

What Is the Rod Pocket Curtain?

Rod pocket curtains are seen as the most traditional curtains, so you will still find them in many homes. However, it is important to note that rod pocket curtains are usually only suitable for lighter fabrics, as they cannot provide ample support for heavier curtains. While they can be used in children's bedrooms, another type is recommended if you intend on using blackout curtains.

We must also mention that rod pocket curtains have a design that does not slide as easily on the rail. As such, it is important to only use this type of curtain in a room where the curtains are not opened and closed as frequently.

What Is A Pinch Pleat Curtain?

When you love decorative finishes, you may love the pinch pleat curtain for your child's bedroom. As it has an elegant look on top, this type of design is mainly recommended for a little girl's bedroom.

The benefit of the pinch pleat curtain is that its overall design accommodates a variety of different fabrics. The number of pleats in the design can also influence the fullness of the curtains, leaving you with many options to adjust the look of the curtains.

What Is An Eyelet Curtain?

This is the most popular kind of curtain for children's bedrooms, mainly because they are both strong and versatile. As they can take a significant amount of punishment and can carry heavier loads, this is usually the first type of curtain parents will look at. The curtains also weave around the rod with little problems and slide well - this means that your child should be able to open and close the curtains without problems.

What Is A Goblet Pleat Curtain?

Goblet pleat curtains are almost never used in children's bedrooms because of their ultra-formal look, but there is an exception. If your child's bedroom has a relatively high ceiling, then a goblet pleat curtain could contribute to a better design. However, as they are shaped with wadding and lining, this project should only be undertaken by experienced crafters.

What Is A Tab Top Curtain?

Tab top curtains are quite similar to eyelet curtains, so they are also suitable for children's bedroom. They are also suitable for a variety of different fabrics weights, giving you more options in terms of design.

What Is A Sheer Curtain?

Sheer curtains are never used on their own in a bedroom, as they are slightly transparent and let through light. However, they do have a decorative purpose and can provide some additional privacy when the curtains are open. Therefore, you can combine sheer curtains with any of the other curtains mentioned above.

Purchasing Kids Curtains Or Curtain Fabrics At Spotlight?

When you find yourself on this page, you are probably looking for some curtains for your child's bedroom. With a large range of curtain fabrics and premade curtains to choose from, you will certainly find something suitable.

Please note that you can find the other materials you need to make curtains online. From sewing machines and sewing thread to curtain accessories, you will find them in their respective categories in our catalogue. Check out our affordable prices on crafting and home supplies today.



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