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Our Guide To Tab Top Curtains And Their Benefits

When you browse through our range of curtains, you will quickly notice that there are dozens of different curtain types. While you may be familiar with the traditional eyelet curtain, the name tab top curtain may not sound recognisable at all. If this is the case, be sure to read through our guide to tab top curtains below to learn more.

What Is A Tab Top Curtain?

A tab top curtain is a curtain characterised by exposed loops on the top of the fabric, these loops are quite similar to the ones you will find on other curtains. The loops on the top of the fabric are used to hang your curtain on a rod or a pole, so these curtains are not that suitable for tracks.

An interesting fact about the tab top curtain is that it has been around for a long time. In fact, it is believed that the tab top curtain precedes the arrival of curtain rails and curtain tracks, which explains why they are less suitable for such hanging systems.

What Are The Different Types Of Tab Top Curtains?

Much like other curtain types, tab top curtains come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The large majority of tab top curtains are made from a sheer fabric, as they are often used for some additional privacy.

Customers can determine the weight of the fabric by the spacing of the exposed loops. If the loops are larger and further apart, they are carrying a much heavier fabric. However, if the loops are considerably smaller and closer, then you will get a lightweight fabric.

When it comes to designs and patterns, there is no limit to the options with tab top curtains. Customers can obtain tab top curtains in solid colours, but there are also some patterns and designs available that will make your curtains stand out. It all depends on your personal preferences.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Tab Top Curtains?

Tab top curtains have a number of benefits. Firstly, they can be counted among the most affordable curtain types, this can be explained by the lower amount of fabric that is required to make these curtains. Of course, the same rule applies as with other curtains, the larger the measurements, the more fabric is required and the higher the price of your curtains.

Another big benefit of tab top curtain is a big benefit for crafters, as it relates to making these curtains. If you have never made curtains before and you want to try your hand at it, experienced crafters will recommend starting with tab top curtains. Tab top curtains are relatively simple to make and easy to construct, so they could make a good crafting project in the future.

Please note that if you decide to make your own tab top curtains, you can get some beautiful fabrics for these curtains at Spotlight. Like all the other products in our catalogue, you can enjoy an amazing price on our curtain fabrics too.

What Other Curtains Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides an incredible collection of curtains. In our extensive catalogue, you can find options such as thermal curtains, blackout curtains, sheer curtains, light filtering curtains, and a whole lot more. So, if you are looking to replace one or all the curtains in your home, you are in the right place.

In addition to a range of curtains, Spotlight also stocks a range of curtain fixtures and accessories. From curtain tracks and rods to brackets and tiebacks, our range contains all the small things you need to give your window its makeover.

For those who are creative, we also provide all the fabrics and accompanying crafting supplies to make your own tab top curtains. Our range of fabrics includes heavier fabrics with tighter weaves, but also sheer fabrics to make that beautiful curtain for your kitchen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting or sewing.

Want to get the best tab top curtains for the best price? Or does your home need a curtain makeover? Head over to our catalogue today and discover how you can save big on our collection of curtains!



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