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Your Extended Buying Guide For Tracks And Poles

When you want to add a nice curtain to your living room or bedroom, the first thing you will need is a nice curtain track or pole. Decades ago, there was little choice in terms of design and material, but times have fortunately changed as there are countless options right now. To help you with your decision, here is Spotlight's extended buying guide on curtain tracks and poles.

What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Poles Today?

Curtain poles may all look the same upon first glance, but there are different types you can buy these days. Since some can be more suitable for certain types of curtains than others, it is worth being informed about the types of curtain poles.

Fixed length curtain pole: This type of curtain pole comes in a single length and can therefore not be extended or reduced in size. However, it can be cut down if your window is a little smaller than the sizes that are available in stores. If you need a really long curtain pole, you can also join two fixed length curtain poles together.

Eyelet curtain poles: These are the most popular types of poles these days. As the name suggests, these kinds of poles are made specifically for eyelet curtains, which can immediately be hung on the pole. So, you will not need any additional accessories.

Extendable curtain poles: When you are unsure about the exact size of curtain pole you need, for example because of a weird window design, then you can choose an extendable curtain pole. With this version, you can simply extend the pole to fit your window.

Is The Weight Of The Curtain Pole Important?

It can be important in some instances. For example, if you have a set of very heavy curtains, a thin plastic curtain pole will not be able to hold it. Therefore, you must select your curtain pole according to the weight of your curtains.

One indicator that tells you how much weight a curtain pole can hold is the overall diameter of the pole. Curtain poles with a bigger diameter tend to hold onto more weight than those with a smaller diameter. Of course, you also need to think about the material, as aluminium options will be stronger than plastic and certain types of wood.

Which Is Best - The Curtain Track Or Pole?

Both have benefits, so it depends on the kind of look you are searching for. If you like something that blends with your interior flawlessly, then the curtain track might be the better choice. However, the curtain rod is more visible and can make your window the focal point of the room, which certainly proves beneficial in contemporary and modern interiors.

One of the additional advantages of curtain poles is that they are versatile. They cater to a wide range of curtains, this opposed to the curtain track that only allows for a limited number of curtain types.

What Finishes Are Available For Curtain Rods?

We already mentioned that curtain rods are some of the most versatile curtain accessories out there, and this also includes the overall finish. You can find matte wooden curtain rods, but also metallic options with a high-gloss finish. Evidently, this provides a major advantage, as the curtain pole becomes adaptable to any kind of interior.

The curtain track is a bit more limited where colours and finishes are concerned, as they are solely manufactured in white. Of course, this has not stopped homeowners from customising their curtain tracks. In addition to that, curtain tracks are also much better at creating a subtler window dressing.

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