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Everything You Need To Know About S-Folds And Pleats

There are many different types of curtains available nowadays, so it can be difficult to decide which curtains will be best for your home. Within the range of curtains, you will also come across principles such as s-folds and pleats, each providing a different look and drape.

Curious if you should choose curtains with pleats or s-folds? Want to know the differences between these two? Read our useful guide below and find out more about these basic curtain principles.

What Are The Differences Between S-Fold And Pleated Curtains?

When comparing s-fold and pleated curtains, it is important to remember that the s-fold curtain is basically the more modern version of the pleated curtain. A pleat curtain is characterised by a heading tape, creating a ruffled look. The s-fold is created through carrier spacing and heading tape, this creates a more modern fold in the drape of your curtain.

Why Should I Choose Curtains With S-Folds?

S-fold curtains have lots of benefits for homeowners. Firstly, these kinds of curtains can create quite a versatile look, this means you can combine them with various styles. S-fold curtains tend to go well with interior designs such as industrial and contemporary. Of course, styles do not need to be bold to match s-fold curtains. For example, a simple s-fold curtain can do well in a traditional bedroom or lounge.

Another reason why you should try a set of s-fold curtains is the elegant appearance. Opposed to other curtains out there, s-fold curtains do not have a heavy or stackable look, which certainly makes you interior a lot more interesting.

When you love fabrics on display in your home, then the s-fold fabric is also a recommendation. Due to its unique look, s-fold curtains display the fabric it is made of properly. So, whether you choose a solid colour or a beautiful pattern, it is always going to look good.

Which Fabrics Look Best With S-Fold Curtains?

While you could use any fabric in combination with S-fold curtains, there are some fabrics that truly do the design of these curtains justice. Therefore, it is recommended to search for a lighter fabric. You could choose a solid colour or choose a pattern with a softer design.

What Other Curtain Types Are Popular These Days?

If you are thinking about a makeover for your windows, there are a bunch of curtains to choose from. S-fold curtains are counted among the most popular, but there are certainly more curtains you can choose from.

One of the other curtains you can obtain from stores is the pinch pleated curtain. The pinch pleated curtain is characterised by its decorative top, complemented by a more formal finish. However, we must mention that the achieved effect will depend on the type of pinch pleat you obtain. For example, you can obtain two finger pinch pleats, three finger pinch pleats, and more.

Eyelet curtains are still popular too. Also referred to as Grommet curtains, eyelet curtains are usually made with lighter fabrics. Considering the overall style of eyelet curtains, they are most suitable for contemporary homes. While they can be applied in other interiors, finding the perfect match for a traditional home may be a little more difficult.

When mentioning curtains, we cannot forget about another popular option: sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are some of the lightest curtains in existence, providing some privacy while letting light shine through. Of course, they do come with a downside, as sheer curtains do not provide complete privacy. Therefore, they are often combined with other heavier curtains.

We provided you with some examples of popular curtains today, but there are many more to discover. From pelmets and valances to tab top curtains and goblet pleat curtains, the choices are almost endless.

Which Curtains Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides one of the largest collections of curtains, so you will have no problems finding the specific type of curtain you are looking for. Of course, if you want to create something specific, you can also take advantage of our fabrics range, which contains many options to create your own curtains from scratch. So, be sure to check out the catalogue to discover our amazing prices.



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