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Tiebacks, Holdbacks And Other Curtain Accessories Explained

When you want your curtains to have a luxurious and formal look, you may be looking for things such as tiebacks, holdbacks, and other curtain accessories. If you have not decided on which type to buy yet, be sure to check out Spotlight's detailed guide.

What Are Tiebacks?

Tiebacks are accessories that are made to tie back a curtain. They are usually made from soft and flexible materials, this includes fabric. To make certain curtains more appealing to homeowners, many curtain manufacturers now include tiebacks with their curtains as a standard.

While the majority of tiebacks are made from fabric, this does not mean you cannot find other materials too. You can even find these tiebacks in original materials such as glass, wood, and metal. So, even the most unique interior will have a matching tieback to go with it.

When you select a tieback for your curtains, it is important to choose something that complements your curtains. If your curtains already come with their own tiebacks, then your choice is easily made. If they do not, then you should choose something in a complementary colour or material.

Choosing the colour can be complicated if you are not that familiar with complementing colours. If you are unsure about this, we recommend looking for a colour wheel, which will give you a quick overview of colours that will work.

What Are Holdbacks?

Contrary to tiebacks, holdbacks are kept in place and are therefore made from strong and non-bendable materials (in most cases). They are attached to the wall, enabling you to keep the curtain back without having to tie anything together. On the flipside, it does mean you have to pull the curtain over the holdback every time.

Please note that it takes a little bit of skill to install a holdback onto the wall. If you are not that handy with this sort of thing, you may want to get someone in to have this installed for you. Still, if you have no problems with a drill and some screws, you will have a holdback installed in minimal time.

Do Some Materials Have Benefits Over Others?

When you choose a tieback or a holdback, you may want to consider your material carefully. For example, metal holdbacks tend to be more durable than other materials, but they might not necessarily blend that easily with traditional environments. So, it is all about finding the perfect blend of a complementing style and beneficial properties such as durability and functionality.

When it comes to tiebacks, you have an endless amount of options when it comes down to materials. In fact, some crafters even prefer to make their own. Since Spotlight also provides crafting supplies to make tiebacks, you can also count on our catalogue to provide the supplies you require.

Does Spotlight Provide Curtains Too?

Spotlight has an extensive range of window dressings, which are not solely limited to curtains. Everything for your home you can easily find at Spotlight, including curtains for a very sharp price.

Even though Spotlight provides ready-made curtains, the catalogue also provides curtain fabrics. If you are quite handy and would like to make your own curtains with matching tiebacks, then you can also head over to that section of the catalogue for some inspiration.

The premade curtains in our catalogue are available with various properties too. For example, we have some excellent thermal curtains, which can regulate temperature during warmer and colder months. So, if your home could use some additional thermal regulation, our curtains can certainly help out.

Tiebacks And Holdbacks Available At Spotlight

When you need an expansive collection of tiebacks and holdbacks to choose from, you will find everything you need at Spotlight. We provide tiebacks in different materials but also different designs, this goes from magnetic tiebacks to tassels and crystals. The same applies to our holdbacks, which are also available in a wide range of materials.

Spotlight has some amazing deals to offer today, so you are bound to find some really good discounts on our range of tiebacks and holdbacks. Benefit from the premium quality and affordable price we offer on each tieback and holdback today!



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