Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains were traditionally the hallmark of made-to-measure elegance, but they are now accessible to all with our extensive collection at Spotlight. Available in both plain and patterned designs, a variety of colours and sizes we have one to suit your room.Spotlight also provides curtains with various drops to suit the height of your doors and windows perfectly so make sure you browse through our extensive range.

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Can I purchase pinch pleat curtains from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Choose from our stunning range of gorgeous pinch pleat curtains at Spotlight, with a wide array of colours, styles and designs to choose from. If you are shopping for a window dressing that will make a design statement, buy pinch pleat curtains at Spotlight today. Plus, with bargains galore and our guaranteed low prices across our entire range, you can transform your home, without breaking the bank.

Why should I choose pinch pleat?

Pinch pleat curtains hang beautifully and are sure to offer a gorgeous decorative style to your space. They provide a crisp finish that is great for elegant spaces and formal rooms but can also be unfussy and suit more casual and relaxed areas as well. Due to the way in which pinch pleat curtains are folded, you will also notice that the depths of the pleats can serve to enhance a gorgeous pattern or material design. This range includes a whole host of different colours, styles and designs, and we are sure to have the perfect pair to complement your interior design.

What size do I need?

Well, that depends on the size of your windows and the manner in which you wish your pinch pleats to hang. Pinch pleat curtains feature permanently sewn in pleats, and offer a tight gather and elegant heading. With folds flowing from the top to the bottom, they truly are a stylish and dramatic choice. To get the width, measure your window frame, or the curtain pole you have in place, and then check this with the size dimensions that are available by each product. It is also important to consider the drop of the curtain that you will require for your space. Often pinch pleat curtains are chosen with a long drop, but we have various options to choose from in this selection.

How should I hang my pinch pleat curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains are traditionally hung using either a curtain rod with rings or a curtain track and hooks. The way that you choose will depend on the overall look that you are hoping to achieve and the style and weight of your curtains. Due to the pinch pleat already featuring sewn-in pleats, they are much to hang than other pleated options. Lay you're your curtain face down on a clean, flat surface before you begin adding your hooks. It is important that you choose hooks that have been purposely designed for this type of curtain. It is important to note, that when you first unpack your new curtains, there may be some creases. If you hang your curtains, these will drop out over time. Alternately, check the care label to see if you can iron them. If so, it is often advised to iron on reverse, on a low temperature. Choose pinch pleat curtains for an elegant and luxurious window dressing that is sure to complement your style.

How can I care for my new curtains?

Well, that does depend on which of our pencil pleat curtains you have chosen, and it is important you read the manufacturers care instructions that came with your product before you begin. Usually, you cannot wash pinch pleat curtains in the washing machine, and a spot clean with a damp cloth may be your best option. It is recommended that you vacuum your curtains regularly, using the appropriate upholstery attachment. This will help to reduce the build-up of dust and dirt, but make sure that your brush is clean before you begin.



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