Sheer Curtains

If you are searching for sheer curtains, then we have a wide choice available at Spotlight. Allowing light to filter in whilst also keeping privacy, sheer curtains can be the perfect choice. Whether you are opting for something simple and elegant, or perhaps looking for curtains that are bright and vibrant, we even have sheer curtains with your child's favourite characters on! Whatever room you are transforming, we have the sheer curtains for you

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Can I buy sheer curtains from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Transform your home and let in the light with our fabulous and floaty range of sheer curtains at Spotlight. With gorgeous gauze, muslin, voile and more, create a light and airy feel to your space with sheer curtains in the perfect shade to match your style. Whether you are looking for pure white sheer curtains to go underneath heavier drapes, the ideal sheer curtains for your kid's bedroom, or to create that soft glow in the living room, we are confident that you will find the perfect curtains for your home in this selection. Shop the range online or at your local Spotlight store today for beautiful sheer curtains at our fabulously low prices.

What is included in this range?

This range includes our selection of sheer curtains at Spotlight, with curtains for every room within the home. There are tons of colours and styles to choose from, including those that have soft neutral tones alongside bright and colourful character curtains for your child's room. Sheer curtains allow the light into your home while also maintaining your privacy.

The fabulously floaty material will provide a romantic and natural look to your room and can provide a simple window dressing in a busy room. Whether you prefer a tab top, a pencil pleat or looking for short sheer curtains such as our gorgeous cafe curtains, then we have the perfect choice for you in this range.

What do I need to consider when choosing curtains?

When you are choosing your new curtains, there are several things to consider. Firstly, think about the visual impact that you are hoping to create. Pick neutral shades to complement your interior design, coordinate for a finished effect, or just a bright and vibrant shade to make your window your focal point. The style of curtains that you choose will depend on how you wish to hang them.

Tab top or eyelet curtains hang directly from your curtain rod, whereas pleated curtains tend to use hooks and tracks. This allows for a more structured and tailored finished, as well as the potential for multi-layering your curtains. This is when you will use one of our fabulous sheer examples from above with a heavier drape in a thicker material, and possibly curtain swags, and other elements to boot. It is also important that you choose your curtains in the correct size and consider your window frame when you are making your decision.

Do you have any tips for measuring for my new curtains?

Prior to making your purchase, it is important that you measure your window carefully. We recommend that you use a metal tape measure to get the most appropriate measurements. You also need to consider where you would like your curtains to be placed and measure the length of this. If you are measuring for your new curtains and you already have your curtain pole or track, it may be easier just to measure this directly.

How do I wash my new sheer curtains?

Well, that does depend on which of our curtains you have chosen, with different materials requiring different cleaning methods. It is important that you read the manufacturer's care instructions thoroughly before you begin. It is important that you clean these fabrics gently, and always check to see if your individual purchase allows for machine washing. However it is important to note that agitation in the washing machine may damage curtains, and for particularly delicate options hand washing is the only way to ensure that they will not be damaged. Use a mild detergent, and a whitening agent if necessary.



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