Multi Drop Sheers

Sheer curtains provide privacy without shade, allowing light to filter into your home. These fabulous sheers are sold by the metre so that you can order exactly how much you need for the job. Available in an assortment of textures, patterns, colours and designs, shop multi-drop sheers online or at your local Spotlight store today.

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Can I buy multi-drop sheers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Make a design statement that is light and breezy with our fabulous selection of multi-drop sheers. At Spotlight, we have a wide selection of gorgeous sheer fabrics to choose from, and these are the options that are available in a range of different lengths, also referred to as drops. Providing privacy without shade, sheer curtains are an excellent choice for just about any room in your house. They provide a light and romantic feel, can be paired with heavier curtains for a multi-layered effect, and are available in a rainbow of colours and various styles and designs.

What are multi-drop sheers?

At Spotlight, we have drops for every window and space, and we are sure that you will find the perfect curtains for you in our selection. The drop refers to where the curtains will be placed, with regard to your windowsill, and it is important to consider whether you want the curtains to sit on the window sill, below the window sill or come right down to the floor. The drop that you choose will depend on the overall aesthetic that you are hoping to achieve. Sewing your own curtains will ensure that you have the window design that you love, and with our multi-drop sheers, we are confident that you will be able to make the perfect drapes for your space

How much fabric will I require?

Well, that depends on what style of curtains you are hoping to create, with different curtains and drapes requiring a different amount of fabric. Most curtains will need to be between 1.5 and 2.5 times wider than the window frame, with the more fabric that you use providing a more generous finish. We always recommend ordering extra than you think you need to ensure that you have enough for your project. Some of our sheer curtains will require hemming, and it is important that you take a hem allowance into consideration when you are choosing your fabric. When you are sewing a lightweight fabric, a more significant hem is recommended, depending on the length and width. A hem that is approximately three inches will help to weight the curtains and ensure that they hang properly.

How should I hang my multi-drop sheers?

The way that you hang your multi-drop sheers will depend on the ones that you have chosen. Some will have a pocket at the top, for you to thread you curtain wire through. You can then affix the curtain wire with two hooks that are screwed into each side of the window frame. Other multi-drops are for pleated curtain finishes, and with these, you can use either hooks on a track or rings on a curtain rod. The one that you pick will depend on the overall finish that you are hoping to achieve!

How do I wash my multi-drop sheers?

Well, that does depend on which of our curtains you have chosen, with different materials requiring different cleaning methods. It is important that you read the manufacturer's care instructions thoroughly before you begin. It is important that you clean these fabrics gently, and always check to see if your individual purchase allows for machine washing. However it is important to note that agitation in the washing machine may damage curtains, and for particularly delicate fabrics, hand washing is the only way to ensure that they will not be damaged. Use a mild detergent, and a whitening agent if necessary.



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