Chenille Sticks

Chenille sticks, also known as pipe cleaners, are so much fun to work with, and this fabulous medium can be used for so many different crafts. Whether you are looking to make chenille flowers, cute animals or even a tiara, the only limit is your imagination. At Spotlight we have chenille sticks in just about every colour imaginable, with sparkly options, stripy, metallic and more. They are fluffy, soft and super bendable, and kids and grown-ups of all ages will love manipulating these as part of their craft project.

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Fun Kids' Projects With Chenille Sticks

Chenille sticks have been a staple in children's crafting for decades. While they may have been invented for drain cleaning, chenille sticks have now become an official crafting material for lots of school projects and crafting projects at home.

Obtaining some chenille sticks for children's crafting but need some ideas? Check out our overview of fun projects below and create a fun activity for the kids at home!

How Do I Make A Chenille Stick Nameplate?

Is your child old enough to learn the alphabet? Why not let them create a nameplate for their door or their room by using chenille sticks? Here is how it is done!

Grab a piece of paper and write your child's name in capital letters. Then, demonstrate to your child how to shape a chenille stick into a letter. Let your child try to create the letters. When the letters are made, simply glue them to the paper (or another surface).

Once your child has added the letters to the paper, use the remaining chenille sticks to create a hanger. When done, you can add the nameplate to any preferred location.

How Do I Make Flowers From Chenille Sticks?

A nice selection of flowers is always nice to have in the house and making them out of chenille sticks can make them more permanent. Here is how you make a beautiful bouquet of flowers from simple chenille sticks.

To create a bouquet from chenille sticks, you will need a simple flower pot, chenille sticks, and some artificial flowers or petals from Spotlight. You will also need a base to put inside the flower pot and stick the chenille sticks in.

Attaching the flowers to the chenille sticks is simple, as it requires no glue or anything else. Simply wrap one end of the stick twice around the middle of the flower. Then, stick the other end of the stick in the base of the flower pot. Tip: you can make these flowers extra special by turning the open ends of the chenille stick into a curl.

How To Make Styrofoam Sea Crabs From Chenille Sticks?

Crafting can be done on the beach as well! If sun and sand are not enough to entertain the kids, take some chenille sticks, some googly eyes and some Styrofoam pots to the beach to make some delightful Styrofoam sea crabs.

You can start the preparation for the Styrofoam sea crabs at home. Get some basic white Styrofoam pots and let the kids paint them in a colour they like. However, make sure the pots have plenty of time to dry before heading to the beach.

Once you are at the beach, make some small holes along the edge of the Styrofoam cup (you can also do this beforehand if it is more convenient). Then, let the kids poke the chenille sticks through the holes to make the crab claws. To make it come together, eight holes around the edge should be enough. Also, make two holes in the bottom of the pots, this will be used to add the googly eyes. Simply stick through one chenille stick through each hole and then add the eyes.

How To Make A Crown From Chenille Sticks?

If you have some little girls running around at home, this is one of the projects they will love. Creating a crown from chenille sticks does require some construction, but it allows children to be a little creative with their design.

To create a crown from chenille sticks, you want to look for sticks with a glittery golden or silver finish. You also want to obtain some small gems, these can be attached to the crown with some simple craft glue.

Please note, your children may need some help constructing the crown from chenille sticks. However, the embellishment of the crown is the activity most children look forward to the most. Therefore, let your kids choose the gems and colours they want to add to make it their own.

Can I Get Chenille Sticks At Spotlight?

Spotlight has a tremendous collection of chenille sticks, this ranges from the basic white to glitter chenille sticks. Check out the range today if you are looking to make any of these crafting projects.



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