At Spotlight, we have just about every type of feathers that you can imagine including ostrich, peacock, duck, craft feathers and more. Take a creative flight of fancy and embellish your projects with these feathery delights. Whatever your crafting needs, we are sure to have the feathers for you in this selection. Whether you are looking for large packs of feathers, singular colourful options, or anything else, add that perfect feathered touch to your crafts and shop the range online or instore today.

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Which Feathers Are Best For Crafting?

Feathers are a popular embellishment for a variety of crafts, so there are different types available that could provide you with the effect you are after. Of course, with various feather embellishments available, it can be useful to know some of the properties these feathers provide. If you want more information about craft feathers and their properties, be sure to read the info below.

What Are Marabou Feathers?

Marabou feathers are extremely popular for crafting and often used in fashion. The feathers are down feathers obtained from the marabou stork's lower tail.

We must mention that most traditional marabou feathers were obtained from the marabou stork, but nowadays it is not uncommon to encounter imitated feathers obtained from turkeys.

One of the big advantages of marabou feathers is that they are easy to dye. Therefore, they make popular fashion trimming and are even implemented on fishing lures.

What Are Turkey Quill Feathers?

As the name suggests, turkey quill feathers are obtained from turkeys. They are quite common in the crafting world as well, since these feathers are popular for crafts such as millinery and costume making.

Since turkey quill feathers are relatively easy to obtain, they are quite affordable and often available in larger bulk packs. Turkey quill feathers can be dyed easily too, so you will often find these kinds of feathers in a variety of colours.

What Are Peacock Feathers?

Peacock feathers are quite distinctive and rarer than the popular turkey feathers, this means that their price can be a little more expensive. That being said, there is nothing quite like the look of a genuine peacock feather.

The peacock and its plumage vary from around the world. Therefore, the feathers from an Indian peacock will look different than those of a European peacock. Depending on their origins, the price can vary considerably too.

While you can encounter some trouble getting a hold of genuine peacock feathers, you can also obtain some imitation peacock feathers. Because of the unique look of the peacock feather, imitation peacock feathers are often made from manmade materials.

What Are Pheasant Feathers?

Pheasant feathers are characterised by their striped and patterned look. Most pheasant feathers are available in neutral colours, but they can range from dark to light.

There are many things that can be done with pheasant feathers. They are popular in millinery but also in art, as they are often used on wall-mounted artwork and sculptures.

Like peacock feathers, there can be many variants depending on the pheasant species they are obtained from. Pheasant feathers tend to come in their original colours as well, this because the feathers have a stunning pattern and colour, to begin with.

What Are Goose Feathers?

Goose feathers are counted among the most affordable feathers in this overview, this since they are relatively common and easy to harvest. Like turkey feathers, they can be provided in lots of colours.

There are many things you can do with goose feathers too, this due to them being available in so many colours and their unique properties. Since goose feathers are meant to protect the bird in question, goose feathers tend to repel water easily and may contain a quill. Subsequently, goose feathers are popular for anything from millinery to pillow stuffing.

What Are Duck Feathers?

Another popular type of feather regularly used in crafting is the duck feather. Duck feathers are fairly common and therefore relatively inexpensive. They are available in both natural and dyed colours.

Duck feathers can be quite useful to crafters, especially when you consider how versatile they are for your projects. Duck feathers are small and retain their shape well. In short, the perfect feathers for a crafting project that must stand the test of time.

Which Feathers Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight has one of the biggest ranges of crafting feathers, this includes the options we mentioned above as well as some options we have not even mentioned yet. Therefore, if you are looking to obtain some crafting feathers, be sure to take advantage of our amazing range and prices.



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