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Add Gorgeous Colour & Texture To Craft Projects With Pom Poms

At Spotlight, you can find pom poms in a rainbow of different colours and a wide array of styles and sizes. Pom poms can be considered a craft box essential - bright, vibrant and lots of fun, pom poms are a fabulous way to add texture and flair to a range of creative projects. Whether you're looking for red pom poms, pom pom garlands, glitter pom poms, rainbow pom poms or a pom pom trim you can find it all at Spotlight! We have packs of pom poms with assorted sizes or explore the range of extra large fluffy pom poms to add fabulously fluffy textures to any creation!

Discover Fun & Easy Craft Ideas With Pom Poms

There is so much that you can do with pom poms, and we have plenty of ideas to get you inspired. Here are just a few simple and quick craft ideas that are fun for the whole family!

  • Stick magnets to the back and joggle eyes on the front, and you have a cute little bug that promises to keep your shopping list on hand at all times.
  • Add a touch of fuzzy texture to greeting cards, paintings or collages with fluffy pom poms.
  • Make a cute and colourful pom pom garland by stringing onto a piece of thread or yarn. You could even wear it as a fluffy necklace!
  • Adorn kids' hair accessories, t-shirts or school bags with an array of colourful pompoms.

For more inspiration check out Spotlight's FREE online projects, including the super cute pom pom caterpillar project and our DIY pom pom kids curtain project.

Pom Poms FAQs

How to glue pom poms

There are a range of different glues you can use to adhere pom poms either to themselves or to your craft creations. If you're working with kids, make sure you choose a glue that's easy for small hands to work, and avoid the use of hot glue guns if you have young children present. To glue pom poms to paper or canvas, PVA glue is a sturdy option. You can also use peel-and-stick glue dots so your creativity is never hindered by drying time. To adhere one pom pom to another, or to glue onto a t-shirt, choose a fabric glue for its wash and wear properties.

How to sew pom poms

Sewing pom poms onto your projects is a simple process and is typically a sturdier and more permanent way of securing them onto fabrics. Choose a suitably sized needle for your chosen textile, and colour match your sewing thread to your pom pom colour. If you're using an assortment of pom pom colours, opt for a neutral or light-coloured sewing thread.

  1. Thread your needle and tie a double knot at the end of the sewing thread.
  2. Coming from the back of the fabric or garment thread the needle through the fabric and then through the middle of the pom pom.
  3. Pull tight so the pom pom is close to the material, and thread the needle back through the pom pom to the back of the fabric.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 once more.
  5. With the thread on the back side of the fabric, do a couple of small stitches looping the thread through to create a secure knot.

How to make your own pom poms

If you want to truly customise your craft efforts with handmade pom poms, then check out Spotlight's informative How to make a pom pom blog post! To make a pom pom you'll need:

  • Acrylic yarn in your chosen colour
  • Sharp craft scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Depending on your chosen method you'll also need a fork OR a pom pom maker OR some cardstock and a greylead pencil.

Shop Pom Poms & Essential Craft Materials At Spotlight

Pom poms are one of those basic craft supplies that should be included in every crafter's tool kit. Vibrant, colourful and fluffy, pom poms and pom pom garlands from Spotlight are a great way to add rich texture to any creative project. Incorporate chenille sticks and craft feathers into your textural creations, and explore the range of craft essentials like craft glues & adhesives to complete your creative projects. Shop the range of pom poms and more online with Spotlight, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. Check out Spotlight's FREE online craft projects and our Create blogs to get inspired for your next crafting day. Spotlight VIP members benefit from advance sales notifications as well as exclusive VIP member pricing, so if you're not already signed up make sure you join for free today!



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