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If you are looking to tailor your clothes and make them hang perfectly and fit like a glove, then shop our extensive range of tailoring aids at Spotlight. There are so many different useful tools, essentials and equipment in this comprehensive collection, you are sure to find what you need. With such a wide choice available, and our guaranteed low prices across the range, Spotlight is your one-stop shop for all your haberdashery needs.

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What Tailoring Aids Do I Need?

There are a bunch of tailoring aids you could add to your personal collection to make your sewing experience a little easier. Today, we take a closer look at some of the most popular tailoring aids and their uses, so you can expand your collection and make your sewing room even more efficient!

What Is The First Tailoring Aid I Should Add To My Collection?

One of the must-haves you require for your sewing room is a good pin cushion. As the name suggests, pin cushions are used to store your dressmaking pins, glass head pins, or any other pins you might use on a regular basis. Sometimes, it is also used to temporarily store the sewing needles you are using for a manual sewing project.

Spotlight provides beautiful pin cushions in all kinds of designs and sizes. We have pin cushions resembling a piece of fruit or a shoe, but also basic pin cushions for those who like to keep things streamlined.

What Is The Second Tailoring Aid I Should Add To My Collection?

Another tailoring aid that cannot be missing from your collection is a good thimble, especially when you sew a lot of things by hand. While crafters who solely use a sewing machine will not have a use for a thimble, this accessory is a must-have for everyone who spends hours sewing manually.

Thimbles can come in a variety of materials these days, so it can be a good idea to check out the materials available. Some can be more expensive than others, but comfort is the first thing you must consider when you purchase this accessory.

Please note that thimbles no longer come solely in metal materials, since you can even get leather thimbles these days. So, if you prefer to work with something softer, look for the leather thimbles in our catalogue.

What Is The Third Tailoring Aid I Should Add To My Collection?

Some fasteners will require special treatment on fabrics, this is the case for eyelets. Making the accurate holes for eyelets and implementing them in fabric is not easy when you do not have the right tool, so our next recommendation is a pair of eyelet pliers.

At Spotlight, you can obtain eyelet pliers in various designs, this goes from the size of the pliers to the design of the handles. So, when you shop for pliers, you can make sure you have a pair of pliers to match your requirements.

In addition to dedicated pliers, Spotlight also provides tool kits for eyelets. If you are not that comfortable with the pliers, then you can choose the manual toolkit instead.

What Is The Fourth Tailoring Aid I Should Add To My Collection?

A good seam ripper is something every crafter should have in their collection, since it allows you to remove seams without much trouble. Naturally, seam rippers can come in a variety of colours and designs, which can make your decision a little more difficult.

When in doubt, always make sure you have at least one small seam ripper and a large seam ripper. At Spotlight, you can get both of these in one single pack.

What Is The Fifth Tailoring Aid I Should Add To My Collection?

The final tailoring aid we recommend to crafters is a good cutting board. A cutting board will protect the surface underneath, whether you are cutting fabric with a pair of scissors or are using a dedicated fabric cutter.

Spotlight provides cutting boards in all shapes and sizes. We even have dedicated folding pattern cutting boards, which can make it a lot easier to cut the pieces of fabric you require.

What Other Tailoring Aids Do I Require For My Sewing Collection?

At Spotlight, crafters can find one of the largest collections of tailoring aids. In addition to the tailoring aids we mentioned already, you can find a lot more at Spotlight, this includes magnetic pin cushions, pin collectors, needle nests, and a whole lot more.

Is your tailoring collection not yet complete and do you need some tailoring aids to supplement your collection? Be sure to check out our online catalogue and benefit from our amazing prices.



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