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Take in, take out, shorten, lengthen, patch and press your clothes with our extensive range of garment repair products at Spotlight. Make the most out of your favourite pieces of clothing and extend their lifetime by making small repairs at home. Breathe a new lease of life into those tired clothes, and shop our garment repair range for top-quality products at amazingly affordable prices.

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Repair Or Alter Your Garments With These Supplies From Spotlight

Mending or altering your garments often requires some special supplies. Fortunately, these supplies are available for a discounted price at Spotlight. From mending patches and hems to iron-on tape and stick-on patches, you can find them all here!

Are you not yet fully familiar with garment mending or altering? Or do you require some additional information about our supplies because you do not know what you are looking for yet? Check out the overview below to find out more about our most popular garment repair products.

What Is An Iron-On Hem?

Iron-on hems are used to bond two pieces of fabric together without having to use needle and thread. The iron-hem comes with a double-sided strip, which is placed between the two fabric pieces. Through the application of high heat, often through an iron, you can put the hem in place on the garment.

When you use an iron-on hem, please remember that this is a product that contains adhesive. Therefore, it is only suitable for use on certain materials. When you intend on using an iron-on hem, only use it on clothes that do not shrink that easily. It is also best to use it on a garment that is unlikely to need alteration later, as the iron-on hem is quite permanent.

Please note that iron-on hems are available in various sizes and strengths. Before you choose an adhesive hem, please make sure you have selected the correct strength for the garment in question.

What Is A Mending Patch?

Mending patches are popular tools to fix holes and rips in clothing - this especially applies to jeans fabrics. By using these mending patches, you can enjoy your favourite piece of clothing longer.

Certain parts of garments tend to wear out earlier than others. The elbows, knees, and even the crotch areas of garments can wear out, while the rest of the garment is still in mint condition - this is the kind of problem mending patch can be used for.

Mending patches usually work with adhesive, which bond and blend with the garment fabric. If you intend on using a mending patch, you must make sure that the colour and texture of the patch matches that of your garment - this to avoid any contrast that makes the patch more visible after repair.

Most mending patches available today will be iron-on - this means you have to apply heat to the patch and the adhesive to make the patch stick. That being said, there are some mending patches that can be used with needle and thread. Of course, there are some materials that can make it difficult to use needle and thread - this includes jeans and silk. For those materials, the adhesive mending patches tend to be the easiest options.

At Spotlight, customers can find mending patches in a variety of materials and colours. When selecting your mending patch online, please consider the minor colour difference that may occur due to your computer monitor. If you want to be absolutely sure you have the right colour, you can always come check our mending patches in store.

What Is A Clothing Repair Kit?

Clothing repair kits usually contain a number of tools and accessories, which can be used to fix your garments. Most clothing repair kits contain sewing needles and thread. Some even include some adhesive mending patches and iron-on hems - it all depends on what you need the clothing repair kit for.

Please note that you are never obligated to purchase a repair kit, since you can easily obtain the individual supplies you need from Spotlight and create your own. We even have some beautiful storage boxes to put your clothing repair supplies in.

Can I Find More Haberdashery At Spotlight?

Spotlight has a lot more supplies for those who like to repair, design, or make garments, so your options are not limited to supplies for mending and repairing. When you head over to the haberdashery section, you can find useful supplies such as iron rest pads, suit bags, buttons, repair pockets, shoulder pads, and other things you might require for your haberdashery projects! Check out the online catalogue today and discover the amazing crafting supplies on offer at Spotlight.



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